That’d be like trying to.

Brzuchalski: Jimmt: see

Froiland: Seems like there’s still some unexplained space between this element absolutely positioned at 0,0 and the top of the browser

Brzuchalski: Jimmt: probably default margin on body

Stire: I have that set to 0 !important

Brzuchalski: Jimmt: did you update that page?

Brzuchalski: Youll need to put vertical-align: top; on the #left and #right

Brzuchalski: Otherwise it leaves a bit of room for the baseline

Sannella: How can i center a relative image vertically?

Brzuchalski: Plaztick: is a good guide

Hernandez: Why is that vertical-align applied to left and right instead of what contains them

Brzuchalski: Because the text is in left and right

Lauwers: Why would changing the padding of an element make that element get pushed further to the right instead of only making its inner content pushed to the right ***uming the inner content wasn’t big enough to make that be the difference

Veneman: Because of where the position of the box is, i suspect

Borowik: Http:// I’m trying to make the groups of x’s a bit more away from the edges of their containers

Arnaldo: But changing the padding of left and right makes right get pushed under left

Blehm: Because the width is 50% and if you add padding the width is too wide to fit in the the right or left

Brzuchalski: Yep, because by default padding will add to the width of the elements

Greeb: That doesn’t make any sense though

Brzuchalski: It doesif you think about it in terms of the box model

Burttram: Thinking about it in terms of the box model it still makes no sense

Seppelt: It’s presented as simply changing how far inwards it pushes the elements in it

Brzuchalski: Because padding isn’t part of the content, its outside of the content

Wenz: And the width of the element is presented as being the actual width of the element

Kichline: Width refers to the width of the content, not the box? this is crazy

Brzuchalski: Https:// “the width of the content area of an element”

Thonney: Guess box-sizing: border-box; was it

Viall: Gilchrest, Resources to help you get started:

Gilchrest: Thinking it might be worth learning css well. 😛

Gilchrest: And debugging styles :

Brzuchalski: Probably would be good to do :

Gilchrest: Is Team Treehouse any good?

Gilchrest: I once tried treehouse for some programming not css and it was really really really slow.

Gilchrest: That said i do have programming experience so maybe that factors in

Pfisterer: I’m not sure if I like php or css less

Columbus: Don’t know, but i tried them a while ago didn’t have much content and yea very slow

Gilchrest: Is there a recommended books though? these are all mostly online courses.

Brzuchalski: Books are hard because css evolves so fast

Brzuchalski: By the time a book is written/edited/published, its already two years and several features old

Bolls: Books always seemed like a pointless medium for learning topics you can learn just as well online to me

Gilchrest: I like learning things without books too but books often are really comprehensive ways :

Solonika: Google is more comprehensive than any book

Brzuchalski: Technically, the css specs are the most comprenhensive do***ents of CSS :p

Gilchrest: But is that the best way to learn it for most people 😛 emerson

Gilchrest: Books should not be ignored

Toevs: That’d be like trying to learn ***embly by reading a manual listing instructions