Tejasmanohar if you hit f5.

Bunten: Interesting color choices

Humpal: Blinky_: the easy way is to apply a background to the parent of both side elements, making it look like what you want

Hamlett: The next easiest way is to use display: table-cell stuff

Kornbau: Reisio: cheers for the info, colour is not final, still need to change things.

Hissom: Black over dark blue is problematic

Foresman: Like, problematic for people trying to see what you’re even talking about in the first place; I’m surprised you could even see it

Kochheiser: Anyone here using ink boilerplate by any chance? Struggling with some outlook styling.

Peed: Xgear: I use ink in my pens

Giovanini: And boilerplates when I work for spam hauses. oh wait, never use boilerplates

Wenstrom: Is it possible if you hover over a button for example, that another div gets its properties changed, without using js

Ullom: Zissou yes, with some limitations, you can

Dusi: Zissou for instance, the button could be wrapped in a label which toggles a input type=”checkbox”

Hufnagel: And this label could toggle the checkbox on hover?

Bribiesca: Then you can select with css .yourCheckbox:checked + .someCl***

Beniquez: So, if your div has someCl*** and it is rigth after the checkbox, then you can play with it

Mccullers: There’s a checkbox:checked ~ .someCl*** — but this one fails on mobile browsers

Knoflicek: That label can sit anywhere in html tree right? it just has to have the id reference to the checkbox?

Boothe: So you could put the div “anywhere” after the chekcbox, but under certain conditions it fails on mobile browsers

Milloway: Ok, i’ll keep that in mind

Zanni: Label for=”whatever” . button goes here . /label

Cruser: Input id=”whatever” type=”checkbox”div /div ?

Osvaldo: Zissou oh, just found the link where I learned this. http://www.sitepoint.com/pure-css-off-screen-navigation-menu/

Dwyar: It goes on a step by step explanation, it is very good

Graney: Zissou you also want to visibility: none to the checkbox. to hide it

Boyson: I stopped using that technique when I found that ~ selector bug

Vanderwerf: I went to jquery after that :

Yagoda: But if i want the div after the checkbox to change i don’t need ~ selector

Dupee: I’ll play around with this a bit

Goans: Yup, on that case you dont need that, check that article anyway, there was a use for ~ selector, which might not apply to you

Carethers: The way css is evolving, pretty soon jquery will be only used for DOM manipulation, traversing stuff only

Manvel: Web development is way cleaner than in the 90’s for sure

Bohac: I’m always looking to solve things without js

Webber: 90’s you say? that would make you a veteran ;

Kingrey: Well, I was actually for years away of the web dev scene since then, I’m a newbie again :

Barklow: I was out for about 2yrs and feel the same way =

Trotto: Anyway thanks for the tip, friend. see you around

Hillman: Hi, I wonder how can I move some div freely to some x,y position which is outside of it’s container parent ?

Ruggs: Opsec, I simply want to move some div to some x,y position. make it float

Brzuchalski: Absolutely position it, and change the top/left/bottom/right values to what you wnat

Deck: I’m using it with jquery. wait i’ll make a live example

Seefeld: Difference b/w resizing chrome window with something like window resizer and actually using chrome devtools emulation?

Rayas: Seems that my site is working well in devotols emulation but not resizer

Alas: Though it does not use user agents etc

Mcrill: Tejasmanohar if you hit f5 after resizing in chrome, does it look ok ?