I don’t think it makes any.

Stuchlik: I can live with that : I was just trying to make it work

Posten: But thats not necessary

Tyl: For a platformer you would probably want to have much taller cells than wide, since your levels are mostly horizontal

Vancamp: You might not even bother with dividing cells by y, and just have them by x

Stuchlik: Yeah each cell will be square – and fit nicely in x Direction but a bit off in y, but that will be cool for now I’m sure

Ragains: You could solve this by ensuring width and height are multiples of cell size.

Balko: But, i wouldnt bother

Stuchlik: I’m not for now, I’m *trying* not to go off on a tangent with this too much :

Stuchlik: I always end up trying to write some ****ign function for my editor or a script to ‘speed things up’ and it’s really daft because I end up doing nothing ha

Clayson: For draw or create a graph? bar graph wich plugin recommend me?

Claflin: Http://www.chartjs.org/

Pexsa: Clayson, ThePendulum Chart.js is nice, but I’ve seen some glitches in it.

Pexsa: I recommend morris.js.

Stuchlik: Tcsc: grid 0,0 would be the top left cell, in the same way 0,0 pixel would be , I’m presuming

Pexsa: Http://morrisjs.github.io/morris.js/index.html

Clayson: Ok, is based in JSon Data?

Clayson: I earn and check both, other recommendation is google charts.

Pexsa: Clayson, It’s based on JS objects and arrays. JSON is just a transportation method.

Pexsa: Clayson, If you want to compare lots of options, have a look here: http://www.jsgraphs.com/

Blaine: Hello guys, i’ve been googling, anyway, can anyone point on how to debug an AngularJS app? in specific im interested y “watch” an angular var/object , when it changes/how/to what, etc. thanks in advance

Rensen: Can anyone tell me what’s wrong with this please? it’s part of a code just wondering if it’s formatted correctly.

Lexer: Http://paste.ofcode.org/JutPVmFgkXXEQUpZnwUyXs

Nasalroad: You could use e.style.display = d.style.display = ‘none’

Nasalroad: Or two lines and { }

Dewberry: Ja3049, use parenthesis maybe? e.style.display = ‘none’ && d.style.display = ‘none’

Felten: Although i like yansamo suggestion better

Koopmans: I have a stupid es6 question about modules

Menges: Must the import statement be at the top of the file?

Amous: So it can’t be insdie a function

Galuski: I think it can be anywhere

Castelhano: The fact that it says it imports it into the current scope implies it can be in a function

Furtick: Hfaze: it can only be at the top level.

Chappel: Hfaze: ES6 modules are *intentionally limited*.

Dufault: Also it’s hoisted so basically it’s always at the top

Stilley: Ah good to know for sure – i didn’t see this in the docs

Centner: I’ve moving from require to imports babel/browserify

Quesenberry: I have require’s all over :

Forkum: You’re bound to have to keep a few requires around if you’re using webpack

Shugart: Ie. those in functions, or loaders

Clouse: Hfaze: the restriction is mostly to disallow things like: if foo { import x from ‘blah’ } else { import y from ‘bleh’ }, which can’t be statically ****ysed.

Lagoa: Hfaze: why are you moving from require to ES6 modules though?

Mertes: Dekok: just to learn es6 on a personal project

Swilley: How is JS going to be fetching these modules?

Drelick: My problem case is where i’m returnging a factory function that needs to require a few thigns

Bohlke: Babel converts them to requires basically

Soltis: I don’t think it makes any sense to even use ES6 modules at all, in any situation. But if you really want to do that…