Start over. i have a.

Tomkowicz: Aias: table .example {.}

Makino: What you meant under “name”? cl*** or id?

Bernotas: That’s insane thanks a lot

Knoche: So any table cell td within table with cl*** of example should be styled in such a way

Bustinza: I thought so. must be something else in the way

Kusky: Oh, i was pressing ctrl+f5 to force refresh of browser cache but my f5 button was stuck in function mode

Diederich: I expected this red div to be centered, but it is not.

Kral: Hey all – frontend noob here. Just a general question: So SCSS is a preprocessor for CSS – so just spits out CSS in the end, right? Comp*** is a framework using SCSS and built on Ruby – So I can use Comp*** while writing SCSS, and it will then spit out CSS? So final question – Are there some CSS libs out there that are using this for their own development rather than implementing in CSS directly?

Sant: You’re pretty spot on.

Zematis: Not too sure what you mean by the last bit

Axtman: I use comp***. Everytime you save it compiles it to css

Jimeno: Chez: For the last bit – Say a lib author Say Animate.css for example – haven’t checked source, so pulling this out of my *** was continuing their development. Could they choose to use SCSS & Comp*** for their development and as an end-user, I’m using the generated CSS without knowing?

Litza: Tjbiddle: lol. i bet that confused him! 😀

Barlup: Supay: Heheh – Hope I’m making sense :p

Krans: It’s the word lib that throws off a little

Litza: You are, and i guess thats what he was asking about. looks like he’s asking if library authors use use SCSS, or do they stick to plain CSS.

Litza: But i could be wrong. and yeah, ‘lib’ is definitely the cause of confusion :

Elles: Hehe – Yeah, I mean exactly that

Barjenbruch: Like frameworks? I’m not sure what library would refer to specifically for CSS

Boyles: But in general I suppose that doesn’t matter, sure somebody could use scss/less and the output had no comments indicating it was generated, you may find that there are some tell-tale signs that a piece is generated rather than written though

Davirro: Hello everyone. I need a bit of help with invisible margins being added to table cells in Chrome/Safari.

Earl: I’ve set the width:65px but under “computed” I see it as 92px. There are no margins or padding

Bernotas: Can someone explain me how I can zoom the background image when hovering the .col element?

Bernotas: Bit stuck on that one.

Martinetti: I’m trying to create a div with a fixed size, and then put a few div’s inside it that float. but the inside divs are being drawn outside the main div. how do i put div’s inside other divs?

Roehling: You can see my table cell issue here: the columns aren’t the same width

Gampp: Zap0: do you have a code sample?

Conquest: Also your container div may need a position: relative

Martinetti: Div id=”container” div id=”a”a/div div id=”b” /div /div

Mcmanus: Zap0:.what about the css

Martinetti: That’s what i’m asking. i don’t know what CSS causes the issue

Martinetti: What CSS do i use to put them inside?

Leiner: Who uses flex and who uses float for grid?

Martinetti: How do i float some div’s inside another div? what causes divs to render outside a parent div?

Keavney: Zap0: first google result

Martinetti: That’s not even relavent.

Groepper: How? you’re saying you’re floating divs within another div and they’re going outside your container, no?

Martinetti: Start over. i have a div container. and i have 3 small divs that i want to appear inside it. that is all. ignore the float thing. the container i want to place at a fixed position on the screen.