Samuraio: what exactly are.

Panelli: Http://

Pezzuti: Panelli works like a charmeleon

Isles: Gnotaras: That’s fine, nobody approves wit heverything in the world, but that is the procedure and the way we have always been doing things, if it’s a problem then you are welcome to drop by our Slack channel for a discussion on how to improve our routines :

Hossler: We have one image link already, but that’s just a “custom link” where the address is “#pll_switcher”. That’s substituted for a UK flag somewhere somehow

Coblentz: I use way too many smilies when I write text _

Panelli: Mobyduck: you can use cl***es in custom links

Arcieri: Gapen: may i ask which is the channel you refer to?

Bialas: Gapen: all right. thank you.

Ondic: Panelli: what do you mean?

Panelli: If you create a custom menu, you can use CSS cl***es for styling.

Keim: I tried setting the “Navigation label” the displayed text to span id=”atomfeed”Atomfeed/span, but it just removes the html

Goya: But then I’d have to create a custom menu, which seems a lot backwards if I just want another item in the already existing. Or am I misunderstanding?

Panelli: I was referring to ‘we have one image link already, but that’s just a “custom link” ‘

Loegering: Panelli: oh. In that case I don’t know what you mean at all :

Kroenke: You mean that the #pll_switcher is a CSS id?

Panelli: If you create a custom menu appearance menu you can add custom CSS cl***es to any link as you need it.

Panelli: But yes, that requires a custom menu. but I have told you two other possibilities how to do it programmatically.

Haner: Panelli: omg. I didn’t even see that text field. The one that says “Title Attribute” on the custom link menu

Fick: Panelli: thanks a lot!

Panelli: Title attribute? I mean CSS Cl***es.

Panelli: Check your screen settings

Huerto: What would be the general steps for giving to a certain groups of pages some specific functionality?, like a small group of pictures with a featured image etc etc. i am completely lost hehe

Panelli: Many ways to do that … if it’s one or two pages, you can create an individual template. if it’s a bunch of pages, I would use post meta custom fields and an if statement in the template.

Huerto: Will be like 10 pages with the exact same functionality

Huerto: Some pictures with a featured image, a formulary and some custom fields with some info.

Panelli: You can create a custom template and ***ign that manually

Huerto: I will google some on how to create a ***stom template 😛

Gheewala: Hi, looking for some advice on doing this, got a main site,, which has country specific sites,, optimized for localized search, so they can directly go to or if they are from francerelated ip and go to they will end up at, with the option to go to the english site at, anyone know a existing guide for such setup ?

Bautch: Anyone know how I can make something similar to this? Where the video you click on to the right shows up on the left side? Maybe there is a plugin or something?

Bennefield: Samuraio: that isn’t a wordpress issue.

Bennefield: Samuraio: look for javascript libraries that help you manage media

Bennefield: Basically, it’s a complex UI with custom javascript

Bennefield: Unless you can find a theme or a plugin that already does that for you, you’ll have to build it yourself or find a developer

Lacoy: Yeah was hoping i could find a plugin

Bennefield: Did you google for one?

Elieff: Im looking but there are so many

Korinek: Thought anyone maybe knew

Panelli: Huerto:

Bennefield: Samuraio: what exactly are you trying to achieve in the end?