So what does the.

Eddins: How you do that is up to you :

Keaveney: Eddins:

Eddins: Leptone: thanks, but the issue here is that this is just CSS – I’d need to see the web page that uses it to help you debug anything

Deschambeault: Thats all the code ive written

Eddins: I mean, a web page – a combination of HTML and CSS t

Defaber: Https://

Cochenour: So like if you look at the project i linked you too.

Eddins: Leptone: for example, here is a ‘live’ URL that can be used for debugging

Eddins: You can see it has HTML, CSS, both of which combine to display something

Eddins: And that displayed thing can be debugged

Roggero: Oh I’m sorry, when I asked my question I didnt use jsFiddle or codeped, I thought live meant not pastebin.

Labrake: Anything that can be clicked and viewed. codepen/jsfiddle is very convinient, but not required.

Ratterman: I regularly copy front end stuff from the sites i think look amazing

Blasius: Will i get any trouble

Pam: Pikaren, not unless you reproduce it exactly or otherwise steal it for use.

Pam: At least, I don’t think they’d have any ground to chase after you.

Pinn: Delorean719, Don’t ask to ask, or ask if anyone can help. Just ask your question or state your problem and wait. Oh, and be sure to read the channel topic.

Borromeo: I need to center the img within the div in the fiddle and I’m having trouble:

Eddins: Delorean719:

Highnote: Text align for an image? I’m not embarr***ed I didn’t try that.

Buster: So text-align is for inline elements within the element the rule is specified in?

Eddins: The parent gets the text-align, yes

Kyle: Anyone care to tell me why my nav is all the way to the left?

Eddins: Because it’s not inside the thing with the width

Uy: Eddins, oh, well thanks :

Eddins: Zacwalls:

Stoke: Eddins, oh I like it : Thanks

Tashman: Is there a way to have a .cl*** {} that makes any after it invalid or unused?

Tashman: Yea, odd question I know

Tashman: Please tell me that didn’t send

Eberline: Tashman: you mean !important?

Tashman: I am using htmllang=ft so that on my site I can have have css code that doesn’t activate

Cuffia: How do i get my input tag to display with text it the inpiut field until with the name of the data type for instance then when the user clicks in the field and starts typing that goes away and it shows whats typed?

Yrigollen: Hey all, is there a way to ***ign a div to a certain couple of stylesheets for example so it doesnt use another stylesheet?

Eddins: Leptone: you can use the placeholder attribute. But you’ll still need a label element

Eddins: Kocho: what do you mean?

Badalamenti: What would that lool like

Vicoy: So i downloaded a form, right, and it uses the cl*** ‘contact’ but I’ve already used contact

Kachmar: For instance Eddins iave this in my jade

Laughridge: Https://

Tashman: Basically is there a way to make a css tag that makes it to where noting else in the stylesheet is read? kind of like commenting out, but within a specific cl***

Eddins: Leptone:

Quach: I want the name and address inputs to show “name” and “address” in the input boxes in greyed out text oor whatever until they are typed into

Dicello: So what does the placeholder do?