So it’s not quite perfect.

Langerman: Guys how to share the window betwen two divs? I need both to take full height but the right one 120px width and the left one the REMAINING area

Conti: I’m trying with float left and right but div from the left side didnt fill the remaining area and there is an empty area

Fenton: Schneider: easy approach

Currell: Fenton if i remove float left from left div it overrides the right one and I cant see the right div

Poehlein: Both divs are inside another div filled on full screen

Copeland: Sorry i’m novice to css

Fenton: Schneider: make sure the floated div comes first in the HTML source order

Vier: Fenton managed now, right div was second in my html source

Hambright: Changing the order fixed that

Colebank: Hey guys, i am using bootstrap to design an web app.

Pilkey: I have a container element as wrapper. inside this i need an image but this image needs to be 100% of the whole page width

Loury: How can i achieve this?

Bolt: Sharpy35, if you define page to be viewport, you can always do 100vw.

Dorpinghaus: AMcBain: how do i define it as wieport?

Cranney: No, I mean as in your definition.

Sevigny: Since you could have page contents that cause a horizontal scrollbar that makes them larger than the viewport widthwise.

Capshaws: If you mean you only want it as wide as the viewport, then vw units are fine, if the parent isn’t. and thus not capable of allowing children to do so with just %.

Storment: Ah ok, but now i have the problem that the image starts in the middle of the screen.

Miklas: AMcBain,

Clites: I’d prefer to help here in public.

Hubner: It seems other things are in play. you could absolutely position it if you want it to move about?

Himelstein: AMcBain: now the content is on top of the image

Stahlhut: How can i prevent it?

Dilts: Its because the absolute positioning of the image

Stefansky: Well what are you trying to do, in general? and do you dare post the link here in public? : It’s easier to get help that way.

Kawell: Someone able to have a look at a link I can send in a private messsage maybe :s I am almost finished with a website but I have to add 1 more thing centering images .

Bambrick: AMcBain: what i am trying to achieve is, that the image inside the panorama cl*** has a width of 100vw and that the rest of the content starts below it and not over it

Unsell: Well that’s hard to see without a link. absolute takes things out of the flow. width: 100vw doesn’t by itself change the flow so other things must be going on for you to say it didn’t start where you wanted on the page.

Elroy: You need to position the parent visually, not the property “position” on the page if you want it to appear in the right place and be in the flow without position: absolute;

Mcgurk: AMcBain: link is i am using now the img-responsive cl*** by bootstrap. thats working for the container

Kudej: The goal is, to achieve that the panorama image is 100% page view and still responsive

Yoshioka: I don’t get what that means. Responsive usually means that it responds to the page size appropriately. If it’s always 100% of the page or viewport then it’s going to resize with it without anyone else’s help.

Schoff: Yeah thats true, but maybe its some bootstrap stylem that confusing it

Leners: Should i bring champagne to the guessing game party?

Urda: Sharpy35, well so I think bootstrap is working against you in this case.

Eiesland: So it has a .container which is set to some fixed width based on the browser size there’s a few entries in there that are crossed out because they no longer apply.

Agoro: To get this thing all the way to the left. basically you’d. hm.

Ranck: So it’s not quite perfect but if we make the image left: 0; and position: absolute; it’ll size itself to be as big as the browser by itself, since it’s a huge image. Nothing else required.