Also still HTML.

Mcquarrie: I got most of my basic css code woring. I find it is benifical to make each css section a different code of color

Strayer: So trying to set one up, because it’s literally a super small SCSS change I have to make just adding width: 100%; to an element

Balford: For some reason body background color in impinging into the menu on the left side. never mind. I guess it is normal for a left menu to ride on top of the body section.

Goletz: Border for each section could help to ID boundries if background color is not used.

Tupacyupanqui: What css componet causes the website to scale down to a smart phone size?

Wigren: Haryv: meta name=”viewport” value=”.”

Gudgell: Http:// skushi was refering to the css properties making background-color a different color that shows where the edges of the box model rest at.

Enrico: How does vh vs vw work differently on a font-size?

Ethen: It just uses the height vs width of the viewport?

Fenton: 1 vw = 1% of viewport width. 1vh = 1% of viewport height

Fenton: Like it says on the tin

Alfieri: If I have a layout like this, “Media Title 01:23/23:45 -“, how do I force it to remain all on one line and “Media Title” to ellipsize when there isn’t enough room?

Fenton: Deitarion: most likely with white-space: nowrap; overflow: hidden; text-overflow: ellipsis;

Christenberry: Fenton: Obviously, but I haven’t been able to figure out the right combination of elements and styling rules to get the behaviour I described.

Prasek: Deitarion, Preferred live pastebins:

Fenton: Put what you have into a testcase

Halon: Fenton: Give me a sec to finish debugging something else first.

Aemmer: Fenton: Ok, here’s the last state I persisted rather than just fiddling with it in the DOM inspector.

Fenton: Deitarion: #player .player_title needs to also have {display: block; white-space: nowrap;}

Shiner: Tried that. —

Ciotti: The problem is that I can’t get it to force all three elements onto the same line AND ellipsize only one of them.

Blando: Why is my div height 0 on ?

Haverty: Specifically, my row div

Cassells: Hello. is there anyway i can center the entire body?

Badasci: Mark___: are you using bootstrap?

Stray: Raaggh! As soon as I try to get the button to not wrap, I’m back to having the instructions to not wrap ignored! I’m this damn close to just absolutely positioning and sizing everything!

Leuasseur: There! Far too much explicit positioning and sizing, but I don’t care anymore.

Dellapenna: Is it possible to have an empty div with a background-image that forces the div to expand to the image’s size without any javascript?

Fenton: Ceaser: an element knows nothing about a background-image dimensions

Fenton: Sounds like you should be using img

Kauahi: Fenton: yes I figured I would need to do that, but wasn’t sure if there was a better way, or if I could use jquery to detect an element’s background image, then set it’s height to be proportionate to the width so that it would display the background image automatically

Fenton: I’m sure that could be done, but sounds like a very roundabout way to do it

Toomes: How do i get rid of the space above the menu?

Mafua: Fenton, « http://lifeto.cafe24…m/xe/today » markup • errors: 6 • warnings: 1 • ch****t: UTF-8 • validation result:

Fenton: CSS is not loading on that site Mark___

Perkowski: Fenton, « http://lifeto.cafe24…m/xe/today » CSS • errors: 96 • warnings: 129 • profile: css3 • validation result:

Fenton: Also still HTML issues