So if you wanted to skip.

Kazakos: The first element in the li is an img with 200px height

Boak: Its aligning to the bottom of that img

Bautz: Does that help at all

Dalmata: I see what youre saying

Overbeek: Plamb youre not gonna get that with your list-style-images

Dosch: You need to “hack” it using a background without repeat

Davidsmeyer: Http://

Conoly: Http://

Burrill: Im actually not using list-style-image

Rorrer: And the number created by the ol is aligned to the bottom of the img

Chesterfield: Those black dots are list style images

Golden: So you see numbers instead

Torguson: Background: urlimages/bullet.gif no-repeat left top;

Hatke: What would go inside url

Carlew: Or do i have to download a number picture

Leah: A relative or absolute URL to an image

Shehorn: Either dl it or just reference the external URL and hope they never remove it

Bastardi: I have a divdiv/divdiv where the first div is fixed height and inline-block

Duracher: The second div is display:block

Below: Is it possible to vertically center the 2nd div in the first

Goosby: Or if i change the 2nd div is inline-block

Zamborano: I have got a flash video player that I cannot influence directly since it loads from an external page. It looks like this, it is no embed

Kallal: I have the dreaded z-index problem. But since it is not an embed, changing the wmode does not help

Jeudy: I changed the wmode with Jquery

Centers: How can i get the text to the right of the picture vertically centered by the picture

Koes: Http://

Gonalez: Vertical positioning is tricky in css plamb. you need to have a parent div with a distinct height

Tiefenauer: Bango2: the parent div has a fixed height of 200px

Hogon: Plamb:

Beckham: Ahh position absolute eh

Kannan: Whats that transform: translate all about

Sumpter: Thats takes back by 50% percent of self height

Nienow: Anyone seen any cool designs for that sort of data

Cocker: A profile pic + some info that shows up in a feed

Semel: Http://

Salafia: You can also use felxbox

Swist: In Adobe Illustrator, “Inner Glow” feature, I can set mode to “Normal”, opacity to 50% rgba0, 0, 0, .5, blur to 3px, and “Edge” not “Center” is checked — can this be replicated within css easily?

Abril: Show a printscreen please

Shirai: Am I allowed to ask a css related question using bootstrap in here? I asked the question in the ##boostrap channel but haven’t gotten a response in the last couple days. The question is mostly related to centering an image within a column div

Herard: AimerPaddle I’ll have a look

Bronstad: Bango2 thanks! I can’t seem to center each image in its’ respective column. I’ve tried the display:table trick to get the columns to be 100% of the row, but I couldn’t get that working

Prouty: Yeah im looking at it from bootstrap lets take it there

Podewils: Bango2: sounds good thanks

Swist: Hapi, you asking for me to use printscreen?

Swist: How can I re-create this inner shadow?

Skimehorn: If i wanted to select all children but the first and second

Desak: What would be the best way to do that

Swist: Plamb,

Swist: So if you wanted to skip the first two, you would n+3