Stuffmc: if you’ve done the.

Crozat: I’m having a too many redirect only for /wp-admin/network , not /wp-admin

Lansden: I only think in GETs and POSTs

Carnevale: I’ll screen shot that for next time I see you throttle someone

Ladell: Douillet: thanks! I will take a look and see if it helps. We have about 20 thumbnail sizes being generated and I need to share the URL’s in a REST API.

Douillet: Developerjustin: Maybe this too?

Avila: Developerjustin, consider not using the wordpress thumbnail feature

Douillet: Developerjustin: Why so many sizes?

Jarmon: Developerjustin: you could just make a simple foreach loop to do that

Carnevale: Anyway, sorry. Too much coffee. Thanks again for the clarification.

Kearny: Evening, having some problems including javascript and jquery in my wordpress page, child theme. This is what I currently have

Pal: Guimares: probably the best bet. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing an out of the box solution.

Macari: Found this tutorial

Bisom: Douillet: lots of photography at varying aspect ratios. Mobile, tablet, desktop, retina, etc.

Crew: Developerjustin, ive had to do something similar. i found indexing my own thumbnails and adding them as my own meta data was easier than dealing with attachment stuff

Heick: Developerjustin: you can get a list of all registered sizes, and iterate through them for all images

Pickar: But I dont’ understand whether I need to also physically put the jquery script onto the server or the wordpress will get it for me, providing I have the right code looking for dependencies

Gotthard: Developerjustin:

Muinos: Guimares: perfect. Thanks!

Farve: Noethics: hoping I can avoid it but the option is always there lol

Ashlock: B****t: you just need wp_enqueue_script’jQuery;

Adner: OK, let me amend that .php file then, one sec

Frullate: B****t: that should load jQuery for you so you can use the ‘jQuery’ as a dep. in future scripts

Giffith: Or wait. maybe its ‘jquery’ . it might be ‘jquery’ and not ‘jQuery’

Kology: Developerjustin, it just gives you a lot more flexibility

Sundahl: I dont remember.,, my head is getting fuxxy

Douillet: B****t:

Lindall: Someone can help with a small problem with Multisite?

Abraham: Ok no worries, thanks, i’ll try now

Grala: Stuffmc: Don’t ask to ask, just ask :

Ocken: Noethics: you add the thumbnail url as a meta value to the main image attachment?

Douillet: Developerjustin: You dont need a ton of thumbnails, you want responsive images

Fuest: I’m having a too many redirect only for /wp-admin/network , not /wp-admin

Partible: Thanks Douillet but that’s without jquery I seem to understand, I’ll add jquery as Guimares said

Barahona: I’m moving to not quite done yet, the move

Kueny: Guimares, i add a bunch of different image sizes to a directory via the wp_image_editor, then i add a meta value to that post with an array of thumb urls and other data

Rightnour: Stuffmc: If you rename the WordPress directory on your server, switch ports or change the hostname applies

Douillet: Stuffmc: define ‘MULTISITE’, true ;

Douillet: Define ‘WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE’, true ;

Douillet: Stuffmc: In your wp config?

Barbie: Stuffmc: if you’ve done the steps to properly move your install to another domain/server, then what have you tried to resolve the network admin issue? Have you tried any resolutions yet?