Skinux: well, the only.

Tabuena: Skinux: so. what is “not” working there? or working for that matter

Mckennzie: JSFiddle shows everything with a border.local doesn’t show any borders

Stalter: Skinux: then is a cache copy or you’re being overriden somewhere, the only two possibilities

Nemets: Okay bye marrenarre! bprompt any help would be amazing

Hornbaker: When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. ~~ Sherlock Holmes, The Sign of Four Mistakes are always initial. ~

Brouk: Helpmeplease: you mean the home about tox usa . menu to “not” be fixed? to scroll along?

Olaes: Correct. I want it to always be seen on the top of the page

Pilapil: Well, success, it’s doing that already

Shiba: It seems like it works in FF, but Chrome it doesn’t

Guilbeau: I just cleared cache and it didn’t change anything.

Lard: I don’t know what could be conflicting, that’s the only CSS in play

Widmark: I also need to figure out how to move the logo to the menu bar as well

Samick: Skinux: well, can’t be the css if its identical

Woodhead: And now you understand my dilema.

Kusnic: Whale *** back marrenarre!

Faucett: Skinux: sorta, kinda, issue is, we’re not seeing what you’re looking at, and it seems though you think they’re exact in markup, they are not

Sigmon: I’ll take a screenshot and post it on imgur?

Bazemore: Marrenarre: bprompt sees the menu as scrolling with the page too

Quebedeaux: But, i’m guessing he is using FF as well?

Luczki: Helpmeplease: I suppose it’s on my side then. Still very strange, but irrelevant to your site.

Seacat: Or at least somewhat irrelevant.

Roundy: Marrenarre: it seems to be just Chrome

Strupp: Bprompt: Here’s what I see on local

Tarr: I tried it on Safari, FF, and IE and it scrolls with it on everyone except Chrome

Toddy: Skinux: I believe you, issue is, we don’t see that, so. the markup is clearly different somewheres

Brumley: Helpmeplease: right

Listi: Bprompt: Here is literally ALL markup

Burdi: Marrenarre: i dont get what could be making Chrome not work, but i’m not too worried about it.

Reisert: My other big issue is moving the Logo to the bar

Drapkin: Hello, regarding id of some shape in inlined SVG: svgcircle id=”someId”/svg the id still should be unique within the do***ent, it can’t be repeated in other svg/svg just because it’s in other other XMLNS ?

Bottolene: Helpmeplease: so, in short, FF has #site-navigation position: fixed; chrome does not

Simbeck: Bprompt: i’m not too worried at the moment about the one browser, my issue is moving the logo from where it is to the menu bar and have it scroll with the bar

Alcine: I can’t change it for each browser, can I?

Mollette: Bprompt: alrighty, ill be here

Greto: I have to go. L8r allig8rs.

Alsobrook: Well. hmmm actually. for the chrome evaluating for that matter, for. . it should work, as it does in FF

Bohne: Skinux: something tells me you’re missing out a few bootstrap resources, and that’s what’s not being included and that’s what’s overriding it

Ballou: Bprompt: I’m not using Bootstrap, so if anything there is one there that I don’t want.

Malkani: I just did view source and there is NOTHING about Bootstrap being included

Stringfellow: The comment says that but it’s wrong

Selnes: I’m thinking Chrome defaults are maybe conflicting?

Teque: Wait, no, because they wouldn’t be working on JSFiddle either

Feulner: Skinux: well, the only two possibilities are cache, or selector, you think is not cache, then it’s selector, meaning, is an specificity issue, something is overriding yours, maybe even a browser default, strongly doubt if it’s the same browser rendering both code, so the likelyhood is, the copies are different, though you seem to think otherwise, but a live url so we can see what you are looking at, would help greatly