Right, but explain WHAT you.

Baisey: I have a div .parent with 2 child divs that hve imgs, how can have the child divs always stay in one place for all sizes

Lawery: Anli http://jsfiddle.net/Czaplewski/6cLwwrxc/1/

Marrett: D8bhatta: heh. if you’d clarified background-image vs img we could have told you that almost instantly

Marrett: D8bhatta: but since img is a bit more rare, went w/ the more likely one

Ballon: Can someone please suggest how to separate each individual block using css, link: http://tglomo.info/centOS_bzm3/basic/web/index.php?r=header%2Findex&SearchFormuser_id=22 , end result: http://i.imgur.com/CEIF57r.png

Bellizzi: Tuskkk___ wrap each box inside their own div

Bellizzi: And add margin-bottom: 1em;

Bellizzi: Div cl***=”box-separator”…/div

Futral: And to separate the whole entity from another?

Schumpert: Like say there will be 10 boxes as in the image on one page

Bellizzi: Each entity another div, with another cl***

Padel: Nope, didnt make any difference

Calvillo: Tuskkk___: Please make a fiddle

Calvillo: Tuskkk___: Also, use panels, they are built into BS3 and will make your project easier

Calvillo: Tuskkk___: You can even make collapsible panels

Calvillo: Let me make you an example

Herre: No, let me create the fiddle, you can edit on that

Bellizzi: I just saw a bunch of HTML

Bellizzi: And inline style tags

Chowenhill: Yes, BS is built into Yii

Allende: Here is the fiddle, https://jsfiddle.net/n0b5pj0h/

Carbal: Please show me how to make it look good

Rieg: In html, anyone know how to place a heart on top of the i

Calvillo: Tuskkk___: http://jsfiddle.net/eLmu74mo/

Calvillo: That’s how you want to set it up, clean and following the syntax of components

Machle: Omg, wow, thanks a lot notchris

Feroz: Will do it now and show you the final result

Calvillo: Tuskkk___: Make you sure follow how I did, create panels and think about how you display content

Calvillo: Tuskkk___: http://getbootstrap.com/components/#panels

Maro: Yes, am reading about those only

Calvillo: Tuskkk___: Very good, and remember, if you do things right you should not have to use any custom CSS

Calvillo: Besides Bootstrap3 of course

Calvillo: Django_: Make an SVG or PNG

Kunsman: Linklater: nope, need code. can’t you call the support of the project? the coder?

Calvillo: Django_: Otherwise, the CSS alternative will be annoying

Calvillo: Sorry, not sure what you were responding to

Hans: 14:50 #css: ahmed__ Bombo: Would that help http://imagebin.ca/v/2FAVRL8YAc7z

Dorlando: 19:30 Bombo Linklater: nope, need code. can’t you call the support of the project? the coder?

Calvillo: Bombo: What are you trying to make, sorry?

Bladen: Calvillo: that was for ahmed

Manjarrez: Calvillo: i’m trying to do this: http://jsfiddle.net/rrjd15od/8/ css by Lodrigue but without fixed width

Bolter: Calvillo: if you got an idea.

Kukler: I started with javascript animation with position: http://jsfiddle.net/rrjd15od/5/

Muhn: That worked, but problem is the outter div is . not high enough ;

Calvillo: Bombo: The markup is wrong

Geoffrion: Again i don’t want fixed height there

Calvillo: Bombo: I think I’m misunderstanding what you want

Calvillo: Can you explain what you want to do?

Fiori: Calvillo: this here http://jsfiddle.net/rrjd15od/5/ but you see the outter is height: 0px

Calvillo: Right, but explain WHAT you are trying to do