HowardwLo: if no errors are.

Vivo: Jeng: the idea is to create the mostly-static but customizable one of my menus in the theme

Jeng: Right. create an empty menu and you can add it dynamically

Haine: Rounds, could you please help me with my question/

Urban: Dum dee dum dee dum I love transients

Yoes: HackHand: add_action ‘save_post’, ‘hh_function’ ; function hh_function $post_id { // muck with permalink }

Profitt: HackHand:

Gabrel: If something is n’t saving to database, coudl it be max_input_Var issue?

Jeng: HowardwLo: that’s an incredibly ***ue question

Fellers: Jeng: i have a ACF group that is refusing to save a new location setting default template — subscription template

Jeng: Have you enabled wp_debug and debug logging?

Mullarkey: Uhhh not sure, let me check

Jeng: Did you enable debug logging?

Seacrest: Jeng: not sure where that is

Karoly: HowardwLo:

Haithcock: Jeng: alright, now it’s enabled

Jeng: Check wp-content/debug.log

Lokan: Http://

Jeng: We can use that as a motto

Lokan: Looks like the perfect patch for all uses.

Inglis: HowardwLo: did you check the DB?

Slutzky: Scavotto: i couldn’t figure out where in the DB ACF settings are saved, so i figure i try the “apply solution and see if it worked” method

Seehusen: Jeng: hm. don’t see teh debug.log

Hurtado: Guys sorry to barge in, can someone help me im having a problem ive never seen before first time building a wordpress site

Troccoli: HowardwLo: do a search in the post_meta table for a row that matches your field’s name

Jeng: Well, if its your first ttime, all problems are ones you’ve never seen before.

Lokan: I realised something traveling recently, these aren’t marked as “weapons”

Linkert: Yeah 😛 but ive done joomla before

Preziosi: Krabs: whats the issue?

Mustard: I used duplicator to make a backup of a website, then move it to the right domain, but i had to ignore all images because the server would time out otherwise

Agueda: Scavotto: its ACF’s field, not my own field, how do i find out the field name?

Pirkey: So now im stuck with finding all the images, shouldve put in a directory instead but ok, but the problem is

Lokan: Don’t use duplicator?

Arviso: MadLems, Could you please tell me how I should manipulate the permalink or mock with it?

Lokan: Tar the entire docroot and dump the database krabs

Hohney: In some folders i cant find the images, also not in the original website but they are there really!

Sowl: Scavotto: this field

Brauch: HackHand: I think you can do some googling of that

Shamily: It only goes till the letter V****.jpg

Yovanovich: MadLems, I don’t know in what variable the permalink is stored?

Schoolman: Krabs:

Lokan: Krabs: do you want to take 10 minutes or 10 hours to fix this?

Hashbarger: Or take that post_id in, get the relevant post, and var_dump it to take a look

Rozell: Jeng: is it weird that there isn’t a debug.log file?

Rieley: MadLems: Google result for wordpress set permalink programatically – t

Heads: MadLems, could you please give me a page except codex since I have googled before asking it.

Jeng: HowardwLo: if no errors are thrown, then there’s no file