Prefixed: the viewport.

Eddins: So maybe you have a typo, and the element ignores that line?

Buster: Eddins: I’m trying these values in Chrome DevTools. “inline” and “block” cause the element to fill the parent. “inline-block” causes it to shrink…

Eddins: Msafi: what does the element contain?

Sotolongo: Eddins:

Eddins: Msafi: you cannot nest a div inside a span

Duarte: Eddins: Yeah, I been meaning to tell that to the component creators. Thanks for the encouragement :

Eddins: Also – using div as button?

Eddins: Not sure that’s ever a good idea

Busard: Eddins: not really. These are dropdown elements, kinda like options of a select.

Buice: Eddins: so, any insight into the strange “display” behavior that I’m encountering?

Eddins: Anyway, which element are you adjusting?

Nitschke: Eddins: the top level

Eddins: Msafi: sure – inline just allows the child block elements to be blocks – see here

Lau: Eddins: inline allows child block elements to be blocks?

Eddins: The first restrains the child due to inline-block

Borelli: Eddins: aren’t you double selecting here? Both “child” elements are first-child and last-child?

Eddins: I’m not selecting the child

Eddins: I’m just adjusting the display value of the parent

Blick: Eddins: inline allows child block elements to be blocks as opposed to what different behavior?

Mexicano: Msafi,

Hoadley: Good afternoon, is there a way to stick the background image at the bottom of the containing div? Normally, i’d use a cover but the top of the background fades to white and using cover causes the bottom part of the image to degrade quite greatly

Salerno: Merkazu, CSS ‘background-position’ property:

Samford: Okay, here’s my example:

Riess: Basically, the problem is that the content is cut off because its height: 100% doesn’t take into account the header

Sotlar: Eddins: so inline-block shrink-wraps the elements inside it?

Miss: Eddins: but inline and block don’t?

Mantle: What is the best way to fix this?

Eddins: Some_Person: can you adjust the HTML?

Dewispelaere: Some_Person: got a picture of what you’re after? besides the obvious

Zipfel: Bprompt: It should basically look like this:

Khounthavong: Eddins: thanks a lot for your help

Yanko: What’s the best way to make this work? I’m honestly not too good at CSS so I have no clue

Plowden: So it expands with page up to 100% height, and after that includes a scroll bar for each column

Busico: Some_Person: one sec

Collingwood: Bango2: Correct, each column should have a scrollbar

Giesler: Some_Person:

Seddon: Bprompt: Huh, I’ll take a look at that. Thanks

Angis: Are media queries not dynamic?

Bergsma: Prefixed: impossible to answer, rephrase

Cespedes: Yes, media queries are not dynamic; no, media queries are not dynamic

Bernstrom: They’re as dynamic as you make them

Swartwout: Do css rules that use media queries change when the vieport changes

Cheirs: No, but the rules that are applied can change

Mendler: Ok. that’s actually what I meant to ask. So, will the applied rules change dynamically as the viewport changes?

Tomme: How can I make them change

Hillers: Prefixed: the viewport?