I’m looking for a hopefully.

Salido: Where is the CDN of this http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/ ?

Brzuchalski: Arup_r: http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/get-started/

Kerl: This is what I currently have Russek http://pastebin.com/AB3p2Qu3

Pilch: I was there. I didn’t see :/

Brzuchalski: Arup_r: do you see know?

Arias: I’m trying to apply sliding transformation to slides but for some reason transition does not work – http://plnkr.co/edit/iBNQdwXiGHzG0JeG5Rfq?p=preview

Shoats: Damn i cant find a way to reduce this code

Hofmans: Can you help me please?

Artison: What is the best way to put the spinner to the right of the text box but inside it ? http://codepen.io/aruprak****/pen/MayoRo

Athayde: Hey guys hey Brzuchalski man

Nora: Whats a good way to prevent Android soft-keyboard from causing the screen orientation to change from portrait to landscape?

Nathe: Nora: there’s no way. a truley responsive layout should handle that use case

Lodrigue: Arup_r, http://codepen.io/anon/pen/zvqdra

Cipollone: Lodrigue: why absolute ?

Nora: I’ll have to rethink the page. I currently have 2 different looks depending on landscape and portrait

Lodrigue: Arup_r, to fit to the parent position which is relative

Lodrigue: SET001, http://plnkr.co/edit/7qUiaE9N1re3QiTItIDj?p=preview

Grajales: I’m trying to add a YouTube video to a site that already has a number of them. The ones on this page: http://bloomsburgstudenthousing.com/testimonials scale responsively when you size your browser. When I add a new one on another page, it comes up either rigidly fixed in size if I set w/h in the iframe, or it comes up wide and very short if I don’t. I looked at the CSS on these iframes and containers, and can’t sort out why they scale, but my new ones have i

Randrup: Lodrigue, thank you very much

Hugi: Lodrigue, you only made changes in css file, right?

Lodrigue: Nitrospectide, what is your question?

Columbia: My question was how do I get my new video to also scale like the existing ones. I seem to have found the fix, though.

Lodrigue: Nitrospectide, http://jsfiddle.net/7z0bug4g/1/

Lodrigue: Nitrospectide, the 56.25% is the 9/16 aspect ratio.

Wasmer: Lodrigue: Coo. Thanks.

Chriscoe: Hello, I’m having a problem with my website www.golabo.com : The text on the home page seems to be merged into the slider! This only shows in Internet Explorer 11 though. It looks fine in Firefox and older versions of IE that I tried. I went into the style.css sheet and played around with .callout-wrap, but to be honest I’m not sure what to do to fix the problem.

Lodrigue: Motokokusanagi, try adding margin-bottom: 150px to .header-holder

Bal: Lodrigue: It doesn’t seem to have worked

Nuccio: I’ve made the change if you would like to go see it

Mcclelland: I have an absolutely positioned div nested in a relative one, for positioning. Is there a way to NOT have the content constrained to the parent’s width without fixing its width in px.

Sincell: If i remove the parent’s relative positioning, i get the desired width, but i then can’t position it correctly.

Nora: Blup: I don’t believe so

Castellanoz: I just found something that works in my situation whitespace: nowrap

Guerrera: How do I reverse the slideshow images so they slide to the right instead of the left on this page: http://smtc.com/ ?

Simmer: R13ose: it is javascript

Keaser: In a text input place, when we’re typing, there is a “” blinking, can it style be changed with css, or js? its bigger than usual

Lapsley: Simmer: Thanks for letting me know. The transform and transition through me off. I will ask in javascript.

Puma: Blup: First I would like to apologize! Your trick did work, it was my fault it didn’t work. You are a genius! Thank you

Toppin: I’m looking for a hopefully simple way to put some text on a line at the baseline of that text, so that things like lowercase “y” hang down over it but most letters rest directly in contact with it