I fully understand in that.

Zorrilla: It would be perfect to use something like that, I allways use a big .svg file as my workspace, so if that can also be the whole live thing, it will be much better workflow

Oehrle: An inline style override i use on elements is not being used for some reason

Ritt: But in chrome inspector and ff inspector, i can see that my style is actually overriding the inherited style

Emberling: Ohh jumpman I see what you mean : yes that will work well. And let me read that

Pliner: So if it is one physical SVG then you save on the server back and forthing?

Pennant: I need to figure out how SVG fits into the DOM. Because when I do the xlink use stuff, I’ll need to have access to the stuff brought in

Mccade: Guy can I ask an html questuon in hr

Fifer: Redner, depends, does it relate to styling? : Otherwise try #html

Farnell: It does – its silly basic status

Lutz: I am going to try to do it on my own right now and see if I am successful

Beahan: Basically I am trying to make a gap

Rametta: And br isn’t doing anything

Stepovich: I have a single txt box for the text/code

Buchsbaum: I heard this sometimes workd

Midkiff: Redner, you can add margins after things or various stuff. do you have an example of the markup and where you want the gap?

Kurohara: Halfway there, p is making lines doubled spaced

Dubs: There is inherent padding ***oicated with p

Jappa: What? Paragraph tags all have a margin on them.

Zader: This had 20px paddin g

Magid: So I can do p padding:0px; right

Goans: Paragraph tags don’t have any padding by default, so it must have come from some other selector.

Schoonhoven: Uh, no, that’s not even close to valid.

Kaliszuk: Just put it in your stylesheet.

Kinderknecht: This is baby games stuff hence the baby game questions

Calais: What I am trying to do doesnt require best practices

Robinett: I dont need to treat this like a doctorate course

Hennemann: I know what I am doing is ghetto rigged

Livington: Redner: you can’t just make things up and expect them to work – “best practice” here just means “writing code that works”

Thingvold: It also involves writing code you won’t hate yourself for 6 months later and that anyone who looks at it won’t immediately look for the nearest bin in which to deposit their lunch.

Bodi: P style=”padding:0px;”text./p

Mapps: THi wont exist 6 months late

Saddler: Hah! Heard that before.

Pak: The bot in here was launched last year as a stopgap.

Lavertu: Why cant you guys say – ok so you will need to utilize inline styling instead of treating this like a space shuttle development

Savoie: Every channel in discussion is full of the same people

Petricka: People who want to write nice code and help others to write the same maintainable code?

Gleicher: ANd Amcbain and Kennie – you guys were here like 10 years ago

Swartwout: And want to help you do things the right way?

Ranks: You didint help do anything – i said i dont need to change the css code

Drilling: Im not touching style sheets

Figueira: If someone asks a basic question why does it have to become a sceince project? Its like epitome of making a mounting out of a mole hill

Gochal: Redner: ok then, move along, and rejoice that you didn’t have to do things the boring Right Way™

Koziel: I think the only one making a mountain out of a mole hill is you.

Shand: THere is a place for inline

Sumerlin: Nope – thats what i get when trying to ask about the code – unless this isn’t the channel to get help – then I understand

Bambenek: I fully understand in that case