Don’t absolutely position.

Munns: What a pain in the a**

Bruemmer: Bprompt

Fenton: Pikaro: ok. You can’t inject HTML with CSS — but you can inject some text which you can then style

Ramshur: So that’s a list of containers with data

Lehnherr: And since I alreay linked to it, the warning is intended to tell people that the contents of the /hot page will be skewed by voting and they’d better look at the /new page for chronological order.

Henges: I have border 1px on all div and span elements to illustrate

Zumba: First to third str are ok

Khatib: But second container must be after on the right side of those three strings

Fenton: Pikaro: .linklisting div:first-child:before {display: block; background: hotpink; padding: 1em; border: 1px solid;}

Armstong: Schneider: is that pic, what you’re after?

Loh: For it looks pretty simple, css wise

Nolda: Yes I know the problem is that all three str are inside div

Pudlinski: Schneider: ok. got picture of what you’re after? for I dunno what you meant by datasets or else

Consiglio: Sorry, haven’t done a lot of CSS work before, still struggling to understand the logic as a whole

Siangco: Bprompt

Heisse: Look at the second image

Belloso: Jeez, it really is that easy. thanks!

Bucaram: I want to create something like that

Coolbaugh: Is there any way to include a link within the content, since it doesn’t seem to p**** HTML?

Grodski: Schneider: hmmm just a bunch of lines? are there pics, text?

Parrino: Those are borders of span and div I want

Lingafelt: Schneider: ok. so. what goes where? that pic isn’t very descriptive per se

Sonderup: The first picture is what I have

Moesch: And the text second container must be after those three on the right

Woodlock: But those three divs fill on all wigth

Hans: Too bad. but well, I hope a notice will suffice, I cold probably include some kind of arrow to point out where people should click. thanks for your help!

Trueluck: Schneider: hmmmm wondering what you’re after, design wise, so I can see what you mean by “working”

Kiniry: What’s wrong with that design?

Sughrue: I just experiment with css right now and cant figure out how to separe elements

Futter: Schneider: I never said anything is wrong with it, just lacks description. so. still kinda at a loss on what you’re after

Schutz: Look at the first picture, those borders for first to third str elements must end just after the string ends

Juenger: But they ends at the right end of the screen

Langmaid: I dont need that because there I want to put “second container” element right after those 3 strings and that’s how they are in my html source

Piwowar: But in browser “second container” is displayed under those three strings

Vandenbergh: What causes an element to show 0 height in css

Morledge: Vandenbergh: tons of things, got url?

Crumpacker: If it doesn’t have any in-flow content

Vandenbergh: I have an a link that has 2 span elements in it, but in inspect tools it just shows the a as 0px height

Wohlgemuth: Vandenbergh, In order to help, we need a URL to the live site or a testcase that demonstrates the problem. Please don’t make us log in or create accounts. See paste for paste sites

Vandenbergh: I know, its just not live

Vandenbergh: Im just trying to have 2 span elements inside the a that on click will swipe

Vandenbergh: But theyh are absolutely poisitioned so that makes sense with the whole no in-flow content

Crumpacker: Yep, that would be why

Crumpacker: Don’t absolutely position them