Does anybody know what.

Vandenbergh: Because I need to use that a at a relative position

Vandenbergh: I have to. im going to be animating the spans in and out

Crumpacker: Or give the a a height

Vandenbergh: Like slide the new content in

Vandenbergh: Thank you, was simple fix

Rothmann: How do i layout images like this:

Pyros: Parazyd: do 2,3,4 have to be as tall as 1?

Garfinkel: You could use flexbox too

Blanchfield: I am using Sublime Text with El Captan – has anyone noticed Emmet not working with this OS?

Vandenheuvel: Zoite: i don’t think it’s needed

Crumpacker: Jen_: might want to try sublime’s channel

Langenheim: If I float 1 left, how do i put something below afterwards?

Fluty: Like, exactly below. width is the same

Morning: I’m using chrome developer tool to see how my site would look like on an iphone 6 and for some reason my media query isn’t working. In regular mode/desktop mode it works though. The width for the iphone 6 shows at 375 px and my media query gets triggered at a max width of 34em. The default is 1em=16pixels. Any idea why its not getting triggered?

Palesano: Do i need a special css media query for mobile?

Goodridge: Parazyd: — notice, the wrapping on 2,3,4 relies on the width of their containing element, in this case .cont

Mcdoe: Np /me really gives the credit to oksushi

Rothery: Oh yes, this works perfect!

Buzzeo: Nvm works! was missing the meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width,initial-scale=1.0″

Pourner: Can someone perhaps figure out why the stylesheets are only loading for me in chrome and not firefox?

Pahmeier: Loading, or applying?

Bassel: Pahmeier: applying, I think

Chiappetta: It still works, it just looks very unstylized

Jenniges: Only error I get in my browser is that I haven’t declared the character encoding

Pahmeier: Your layout css file is in an invalid spot.

Pahmeier: Needs to be before /head

Dominion: Ohh. thats good to know 😀

Aldous: Thank you, it even makes sense. chrome had me fooled

Pahmeier: Chrome isn’t as standards compliant as people think it is – this is a good example of that.

Lupkin: Is there a way to use just CSS to have a button close a browser window?

Yerigan: Ah, it turned out however, the issue was i had type “css/text” and not “text/css” :

Penny: Guys, how to change inner color of those css only triangles?

Wigren: It’s a border. there’s only one color. you could layer another one on top

Sorell: What do you guys think?

Boals: If you have a site with a fluid layout designed for tablet and the mobile design uses elements different to conflict with the ipad design, should pages be for each device / aspect ratio be in seperate files or be foreced to work in a single file ?

Wigren: C0nundrum: it shouldn’t use elements different to conflict with the ipad design, whatever that means

Sons: I mean things are presented differently

Crytser: And the design is out of my control. It how implement it is what i’m desiding on

Dommer: Any opinions? At all?

Pendergast: Can you do not:first-child+last-child or do they have to be in seperate nots ?

Demos: Hey night owls, who’s awake?

Vienneau: How would i select with nth-child there are currently 6 form groups I want to select form groups 2 – 5

Wigren: Dopie: the brute-force method

Wigren: Or combine with the :not operator

Slagle: Does anybody know what kind of js plugin this site uses for its animation?