Disappeared: so, you.

Gumphrey: I know im missing something simple but for the life of me i cant figure it out

Vilcan: Here is the url if anyone has some time http://dev-examplesite.pantheon.io/

Tridle: SarahS: are you referring to the red menus? from what I can tell, you’re having js do the expanding, though you could do all that with css alone, if that helps – http://www.webdevout.net/test?04fi&raw

Kwasnicki: Kuribas: thought your issue was with the background image?

Boggiano: Bprompt: that works fine

Tuzzo: Bprompt: after the suggestion of reisio

Talman: Kuribas: ok. so. hmmm what’s. wrong on that page?

Kennemuth: But now I get two scrollbars, on the bottom.

Blow: Bprompt: yes the red menus. i want the first menu item and its sub items to be red and the secone menu item and its sub items to be green for example

Dezarn: Kuribas: I don’t see any there at the bottom

Dilligard: Bprompt: they appear when you make the window narrower.

Saliba: Kuribas: you could just remove – overlfow: auto; – from #page, since that means, “provide scrolling mechanism when smaller”

Rolen: Bprompt: that solves that problem, but now the background image for #page isn’t visible anymore.

Zuro: SarahS: you could simply use the “child combinator” selector to it then. .mymenu, .mymenu .mysubs { background: red} .mysubs, .mysubs .mysubsub { background: green}

Himenez: Getting ****ed viciousely in the *** by surprise can easily save you 10-15% on your car insurance

Bobzien: Kuribas: I never saw them to begin with myself =, or they weren’t there, either way, it depends on where you’re putting the background images, the overflow part shouldn’t affect

Prindiville: Bprompt: that what i thought but i cant seem to get the result.

Exton: Himenez: thanks, I’ll make sure I don’t get that insurer then 😛

Hardin: Bprompt: don’t you see the darkergrey square?

Riebau: Kuribas: thought that was a solid color, you’re using an image for that?

Hestand: SarahS: hmmm check your markup hierarchy, it should work just fine

Pritzel: Bprompt: yeah, perhaps a boxed square would be better.

Trattner: Kuribas: got a picture of what you’re trying to do?

Malkasian: Bprompt: that should be pretty much it.

Fowlar: Kuribas: then you’re all set :, if that’s working, if it’s not, then that’s not it per se

Komm: Bprompt: well, except the scrollbar

Baylis: I think I see the issue

Delross: Bprompt: ya thats whats driving me nuts, its something simple im missing :

Kupres: Kuribas: I see, the chinese letters and their background are separate elements. that’s not-so-good, if you want them to be one and the same, you’d want them both bound, and you also need them to be positioned in relation to the viewport,

Chadbourn: Bprompt: well, I liked the effect that the chinese letters stayed fixed vertically.

Bushee: I don’t quite see how they would interfere with the footer.

Bela: Bprompt: anyway thanks for the help, I’ll find an alternative way to get this done.

Postles: Kuribas: http://www.webdevout.net/test?04f_&raw

Siebenberg: Kuribas: utf-8 support is quite good, no need to use images for chinese glyphs

Reinsch: And the characters, and their color, are both bound, where one goes, the other goes

Avanzato: Bprompt: my center page is fixed width though

Gunnett: Is there any css3 type of way to achieve this http://brm.io/jquery-match-height/

Logins: Disappeared: got picture of what you’re after? yes, I saw that, wondering on the design it’s needed for

Tassa: I’ve got some comps that have these text paragraphs on multiple colums. this plugin works great just would like an alernative

Mckernin: Disappeared: so, you just need columnized paragraphs? that is, the paragaph to be columnized like newspapers?