Daubendiek: that looks.

Carruba: AMcBain: I dont know what the guy was thinking when he displayed all the pens like that running, i get cpu overclock because of that

Hemmer: Upq, well jsfiddle can do scss too.

Carruba: Not really into those stuff i rarely ask or answer so Im not into those

Carruba: And besides Im a vim user, coding outside vim is hell to me

Carruba: I have a question , any performance differences between border-image and using a psudo element ?

Carruba: Ill be rendering those gradient bordered via an ng-repeat that may contain a big array

Schaming: Well the border-image doesn’t respect border-radius apparently on purpose, that’s all I know. I was trying to see if I could get a border-image to work on a pseudo-element but that doesn’t seem to render.

Carruba: Even if you get it to work it will have no radius haha

Carruba: Im just new to this css stuff I wish i knew more

Carruba: Codepen.io/upq/pen/Kdwjpv

Carruba: Codepen.io/upq/pen/Kdwjpv

Depner: Well no, it wouldn’t have a radius on the pseudo-element, but the parent could have one and clip it with overflow: hidden; or the likes.

Carruba: Codepen.io/upq/pen/Kdwjpv

Carruba: Anyway here it is if anyone has a clue , you know . thanks

Ruedas: Rfc19: the problem is in col-about-pic

Lillard: I can’t test Chrome it’s currently comatose every time I start it but Firefox and IE won’t render a border-image on a pseudo-element.

Bogatay: Fgrsgsdfg: anymore hints? :

Sadowski: Notice what happens if you set his width property to 0px

Winnie: Fgrsgsdfg: they all disappear

Flye: And your content gets properly aligned

Lueker: Even if it’s a big screen size

Knuckles: Upq, I even tested on something not a button tag. However buttons shouldn’t really be allowed to have pseudo-elements anyway.

Khaleck: They’re replaced elements.

Jasch: Fgrsgsdfg: Noted, however I can’t seem to manipulate it to suit. I’ve tried changing widths, and no luck

Madyun: If you try to resize the window slowly you will find the divs have no more space so their alignment goes to waste

Khokher: Have you tried to set a fixed padding?

Carruba: AMcBain: interesting, but I dont know if thats the case but im not planning on supporting any older browser, my rule is last 2 majors

Carruba: Btw people have older browsers because you support them

Kriticos: No, that’s not a problem of oldness of browsers. Replaced elements are defined in CSS as having their content outside of the CSS spec. img tags are replaced elements, for obvious reasons. video tags would be. I believe all form elements are.

Grothen: Fgrsgsdfg: How would that help curious, and on which element?

Carruba: Imagine if everyone says to that ie9 use , “GET A PROPER BROWSER”

Carruba: No one will ever have an ie9 trust me

Zam: Hah! You don’t know the government.

Hudler: The fact that any particular browsers let you have :before and :after on a replaced element is an unsupportable anomaly you can’t depend on and shouldn’t.

Viscia: Rfc19: what I would try is to put text and pic inside the same div, that way u shouldn’t get line breaks

Flenard: Make a proper container

Skeet: Fgrsgsdfg: ok, sure thing.

Gadsen: And that’s as far as my knowledge goes

Epolito: You want real help, ask AMcBain

Bradway: Fgrsgsdfg: thanks for your help

Senosk: AMcBain: do you have a moment to take a look?

Jansson: I wasn’t really paying attention and it’s 4:30 here. I didn’t get up early. 2+2 = . so I’ll probably be off soon.

Daubendiek: Rfc19, I was just playing with it with a new structure: http://jsfiddle.net/ywyL8xhy/

Thoman: Daubendiek: that looks great, thank you