Can someone help me set up.

Hect: I get this error when trying to import demo content using wordpress importer.

Maidens: Http://

Sieck: What shall i do to overcome this?

Bedlion: Guddu: ##php , not a wordpress error

Kristiansen: Opsec, I configured some fcgi parameters in httpd.conf

Jone: Http://

Hema: Tried importing again and it has not errored out yet. Its running but I am not sure if it is doing anything at all or not.

Bedlion: It does take a bit and looks like it’s not working sometimes

Dantos: Opsec, The numbers of rows in posts tables is increasing for sure. So that’s a good indicator

Batts: At what point does wordpress send headers?

Betterley: For Ostiguy Help, see

Durtsche: Do wordpress rewrite rules work for files other than index.php eg. wp-admin/admin-post.php

Melamed: The rewrite is all powerful

Melamed: The rewrite can do anything

Rhees: Yes, but wordpress rewrite rule or non-wordpress rewrite rule?

Obannon: Sorry. I didn’t notice that I got disconnected. So I have to ask again: can I make my way to admin-post.php from wordpress rewrite rules? and if yes, how?

Santarelli: Dang ol’ screen shots:

Linker: Hoped someone cud help

Popp: Ollivierre, could you have s brief look, please?

Nogueras: Ah, left anyway … never mind

Johanns: Hello folks! I’m transferring my wordpress sites from Hostgator to Digital Ocean. I have paid close attention to this guide: wordpress-sites-on-a-single-ubuntu-vps"> and I think it was successful, but now i need to configure plugins and content before pointing the domain at new server. Is there any way i can access and develop current wordpress installations and

Suominen: Fiksie: If you rename the WordPress directory on your server, switch ports or change the hostname applies

Bedlion: Someone just lit a car on fire on the street beside my house:

Dickstein: Slightly more of a php question then a wordpress question, but. I’m looking at this snippet here, adapted from the codex page for get_posts:

Dickstein: I’m wondering about the syntax on 11

Dickstein: What does the ‘:’ mean?

Dickstein: Does that imply some kind of conditional?

Riliford: Http://

Dickstein: I don’t think it’s the ternary operator

Suda: However … no “?” in that line 11.

Dickstein: Yeah. that’s what makes me think that it’s not the ternary operator

Glaser: No, it#s just another notation for while {}

Dickstein: I think I worked that out at the same time you did

Dickstein: I just replaced it with ‘{‘, and replaced ‘endforeach’ with ‘}’

Dickstein: And the code worked as expected

Dickstein: How you doing, pixy ?

Gockley: Just bought a Raspberry Pi 2 so my daughter can look up some stuff in the Internet using our tv and not my computer I work with

Bowron: Pixolin: teach her the terminal

Manda: Everyone needs to know vim

Morter: Currently I try to set it up as web radio using a bluetooth speaker

Morgandi: But I mostly use nano

Dickstein: That sounds like a worthwhile project

Dickstein: I’m still trying to figure out what to do with the arduino on my desk

Grzelak: I’m trying to do a rewrite rule to a specific page preserving the url

Wanker: Can someone help me set up a simple ajax pagination in wordpress