Css is cool i love making.

Marcial: Is unchecked correct syntax?

Doan: Lol okay thanks guys/gals!

Lavinder: No, unchecked is not correct, leaving out :checked will select unchecked checkboxes

Azbell: If you have both with and without :checked

Croswell: Oh, okay cool, thanks bango2

Shurr: What is the simplest way of using flexbox that is backwards compatible with IE10? I know it needs the prefix, but what else do I need to consider

Brener: Alternatively claytonzaugg try :not:checked

Suthar: Hi there, if you head to this site: https://sportsperformancetracking.com and scroll down to the 3rd section

Gebert: The title of the section is “FOR INDIVIDUALS TEAMS AND COACHES”

Mondesir: And on firefox and chrome it is pulled off the the right

Moak: On safari it looks fine

Sugalski: It looks like this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x8ef4jlj7ad2fdv/Screenshot%202015-09-10%2009.28.43.png?dl=0

Weyrauch: Any ideas what could be causing that?

Beserra: I’ve noticed that if you resize the browser and make it smaller, the issue goes away

Guilbault: Limbera: have you added autoprefixes?

Tanori: I’m not familiar with those, one second reading the docs morenoh149

Hunsperger: Say I have a container div, set to max-width: 960px, centered with margin: auto. then below, outside of that container I have a full-width element that I would like to align it’s right edge with the right edge of that container. what is the math involved?

Schiffer: I could center the element below the container, and then use a negative margin to pull it into alignment, but how can I do that without using a “magic number” that only works at one screen size?

Lecroy: Limbera: in my experience when I get different renderings between browsers it’s because I haven’t added autoprefixes. especially safari

Gruenhagen: That’s a preprocessor thing yes?

Revelle: Can someone help me with this: http://jsfiddle.net/5qhfu9zo/7/

Homen: When i open the panel, i want the panel to cover the entire space avalable and stop scrolling

Hochstine: Also, the img should fit the space too

Arzu: Ok, got the first thing done

Norseworthy: Now, how can i get the image to fit in height? http://jsfiddle.net/5qhfu9zo/8/

Gramble: So, I’m trying to understand Use Case #1: All The Height – Header at https://css-tricks.com/a-couple-of-use-cases-for-calc/

Sturman: If I have a div which will cut off its content if I don’t use calc to shrink its height

Dooley: Don’t really get that

Ruzich: Err, I mean to say that my content will be cut off unless I shrink the height – even if overflow triggers scrolling

Delullo: I created a skewed div to slant a div with a background image. Can someone tell me how I can position this skewed div so it stays in place? http://jsfiddle.net/f99rc8bj/

Cheam: Is it possible to have an image halfway off screen, but make it so no scrollbar will show?

Ducas: Hi everyone i read a lot of css books and watched a lot of videos

Reatherford: However i don’t know what to do when i’m trying to do something on my own

Zierden: Reading books doesnt exactly give you wisdom/experience you need to do stuff

Dunsing: What is a good training resource that will give me the wisdom?

Tranum: Trying stuff on your own

Back: Just mess around making websites and stuff

Shelko: What would you recommend?

Zenner: Ummm idk try to make a fun homepage for yourself

Gumaer: Like if i read a whole lot studying for a test but dont do 1 example problem im guaranteed to blank when a problem is put in front of me when the pressures on

Warf: Same thing with anything

Romrell: See if you can find some online tests parkit

Bishoff: Css is cool i love making stuff as compact and concise as possible