Anyway, you asked hwy, I.

Deardurff: No libraries unless they’re super small

Milkowski: The jsfxr one is kinda weird

Faron: I’m wondering if the following is correct travis config to validate javascript, and python –

Badasci: Alasi: honestly most of that stuff is not webaudio specific

Branting: And webaudio is new enough and lacks the sexiness of something like webgl so not much discussion has been done around it

Griffo: Tcsc: true, but then I’d have to learn all of the concepts 😛

Goldsmith: That said, it’s not too hard to get a buffer and write into it.

Silk: I’ve just been sturggling to find some good examples for, say, a click

Raitz: I’m not really an audio guy i think a click is just a sharp spike in the audio data

Laubacher: Maybe a wave a reasonably high frequency but very short

Mio: I mean white noise for 0.1 seconds might do it.

Dolgas: Thats where i’d start.

Raith: Are you trying to make something like bfxr?

Knee: Because i remember looking into it a while back and thinking the code was fairly readable

Weld: Can anyone spare a couple of minutes to help me understand where my gulp task is going wrong?

Baley: Folks, I was debugging our app today. Here is kinda like a pseudo code of what I was troubleshooting. I noticed that when the ajax call fails, the function won’t be called anymore. I can move out the setTimeout outside of .done but would like to know the ideal approach –

Roswick: Do you guys know any ways to change the height of things, while scrolling, without affecting the scroll?

Pasquale: I am scrolling, and while scrolling I am changing the height of something. Changing the height of this thing causes the scroll to lag out

Kleindienst: The thing being changed is within the div that is getting scrolled

Verret: Is there a way that I can do this that you know of?

Latini: If it’s position absolute i dont think it will effect the scroll

Legg: Not sure if that is relevant

Osaile: Renlo: is it something on screen?

Baack: Yes, I think using pointer-events: none is the only solution that I can find

Homestead: Hi, I’m trying to get for.each format to work for an array. I’m confused why this doesn’t work

Leng: I am implementing a virtual scroll thing

Statz: Logan0405: that loops over the *keys* of the object

Fleener: In this case: “0”, “1”, “item”, “namedItem”, “length”

Straight: Logan0405: don’t use a loop. use Array.prototype.forEach.calldo***ent.getElementsByCl***Name”hi”, function element { }

Pleil: Or if you’re using jquery, this is the sort of thing it does well

Duster: I’ll never understand why people keep using the old getElementsByWhatever crap instead of the selector API QA/QSA

Kraack: Familiarity/discoverability, I guess

Lejeune: In that they’re in even ancient books

Usman: IE8 doesn’t support the full range of selectors

Mesoloras: APIs through string parsing are hacky too

Fardo: Usman: Supports all those that the crappy getXByY support

Usman: Sure but not all, so I don’t always remember to use it

Wakley: Usman: querySelector/querySelectorAll – Can I use. Support tables for .

Mcgranor: And even some CSS3 ones

Santander: All CSS2 selectors + some CSS3 ones.

Noiseux: Usman: Where are you going with that argument?

Usman: I thought I stated it pretty clearly

Usman: 21:42 Usman sure but not all, so I don’t always remember to use it

Usman: Anyway, you asked hwy, I explained why