But that means you have.

Schlau: Also a question why are you always so mad Veneman?

Veneman: T-Rex_: you’re using the markup wrong. you can’t disagree with facts

Schiff: Its wrong by bootstrap standards yes that is a fact

Meyerhoefer: Veneman: Do you mind to correct the code? I am confusing

Desjarlais: Hello Confusing I am T-Rex

Veneman: T-Rex_: and since you’re using bootstrap’s style, what other standards are there?

Veneman: Wowk: if you want a div to take up only 25% of the width, give it a width of 25%

Arbertha: Veneman: I want them to share the width area with 10px space between

Veneman: Minus1999: i’d love to help, but your page is destroying my browser. my guess is some interaction with the carousel and the header javascripts you have

Veneman: Wowk: so do that then

Armout: Veneman: I did like that: width: calc25%; margin-left: 10px; margin-top: 10px;

Tyksinski: Well he has a margin of 10 px

Kosky: But the last one falls down

Veneman: Wowk: margin adds to the width of the element

Coombs: Why do you use the calc

Branck: Wowk, The CSS Box Model https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/box_model

Tur: I need 10px space between those boxes

Demeza: Ok so I got a few styling issues. http://jsfiddle.net/qu0L21j1/13/ best to view the full screen result. The tabs are draggable, and this has some “unexpected” behaviour where the other tabs are pushed down. This isn’t desirable. Another is that the active tab white should go over the border below which I believe it does, but the border is still shown.

Sprau: Also for some reason the spacing betwen the tabs get reset when they’ve been dragged. not sure how or why though

Pacholski: My boss is insisting on adding a 7 step image based progress bar like you would use 5-10 years ago. Does anyone happen to know an article, blog, site that explains why that is not the best idea anymore?

Snapp: Apparently i’m not explaining it well

Veneman: Not really. that’s what expertise is for. you can’t generally find expertise in a blog

Mclennon: Spookah: suggest a better alternative

Lindberg: Any work around for object-fit in IE9+?

Veneman: Jagst3r15: use another element

Veneman: Any other element. as a container. so the image inside can be clipped, stretched, or otherwise manipulated as needed

Brazille: I tried a pollyfill for object-fit but it didnt work

Dazi: Jagst3r15: what are you using object-fit for again?

Ferron: Veneman: I try I just cant

Weymouth: Anything without margin

Dimoulakis: I just created more problems

Veneman: Padding is also added to the width! the full width of an element is: content width width property + padding + border + margin

Veneman: That is frequently why calc is used with widths

Veneman: But there’s also box-sizing: border-box now

Tibbles: Okay I will not handle it cause I am looking your explanation as an alien

Nease: I did this way http://codepen.io/chtsrl/pen/epJjOd

Veneman: Wowk: if the full width is width + margin, then what do you have to remove from the width to make it what you want?

Cavel: I will now just need to remove these extra 10px space between

Veneman: So 25% width + 10px margin = 25%+10px. what, then, do you have to remove from the width?

Layne: Well left 10px padding and right padding 10px

Veneman: If 100% is all you have, and you want 4 of them, and so each one can only have a full width of 25%, and your full width of each is right now 25% + 10px

Veneman: Margin, you’re using margin, not padding

Dolejsi: Width: calc25% – 20px;

Veneman: But that means you have 20px of space between each item