Anyone ever run into this.

Sabol: Or google maps with overlay?

Timbrell: Sobczynski you link external svg files? or embed ?

Nivala: One cannot link external svgs from svgs as css background though :/

Hershberger: Hashtag_: really? huh.

Sajdak: Saccucci: linking an external SVG with the object tag right now

Duesenberg: Mbm: hey, if it works.

Bicker: And its not overly complicated

Crespin: And infact having your content in that standalone container with its own overflow is better for mobile perf

Cooperman: Espwith the -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch;

Batimon: I was like 8 characters late with the space between esp and with

Paddio: Drej: . there’s what I got up to might be a workable solution

Hollington: Mbm: i think i broke it

Saragosa: Yeah that scroll is all ****y

Hentrich: But, admittedly, i am biased

Negri: Drej: yeah, I didn’d add any range checks

Schliesser: How do i attach background image from my computer to a css background

Perryman: Its in the same folder

Oczon: Background-image:”image.jpg” isnt working

Harpel: Hello234123, Resources to help you get started:

Haumesser: Hello234123: background: url”image.jpg”;

Stathos: I did put a dot before “body”

Goldston: Yeah I need to run through a codecademy type course on css honestly

Ramos: Thats why it didnt work

Bucknam: Mbm: ah, I tried that with chrome device emulator, you can also simulate touch with it

Delegado: Hashtag_: yeah, that’s what I’ve been using

Loson: Thanks for that svg site hashtag_ I’ll check it out when I get up

Deleston: How to include html file into a html file

Utterback: I have a little font problem

Payant: Between Arial and the icon_font

Siembida: Sometimes, some divs get the icon_font

Keer: So i ***igned the Arial using the *

Mcneeley: But in this way, when i change fond size, the children do not get font size of parent

Hasbell: Whats the best way to ***ign fonts?

Yeddo: In html and then on * use inherit?

Faustman: You are explictly setting the font-size on all elements using * ?

Frizzell: One usually sets a base size on html/body and then use REM or EM

Davison: Html, body {.} ? html {.} body {.} ?

Ayles: What doi you mean with html/body

Dunkley: I’m so confused. the same code on jsfiddle displays fine, but on localhost. something is different causing whitespace to play an important part like you’d expect with inline-block despite it being float left, with display block

Magnotta: Its my wordwraps i guess.

Calleja: Http:// how would I get the star and the text vertically aligned with each other?

Setty: In this page there is animation for the first time and after that there is no animation/effect . how to get that

Waltenbaugh: Do you guys help with SCSS/S***?

Rische: Generally no, there’s another channel for that

Meth: This is in SCSS using, but I think my problem is CSS related. When I uncomment my div in the html, the two inputs go onto new lines. Can’t figure out why,

Vein: Is the pseudo-element ::before, ::after approach the ‘best’ way of acheiving vertical centering of an element within its parent?

Swirsky: Vein, not really:

Swirsky: Vein, version2 :

Hugg: Anyone ever run into this problem