It seems like if it.

Mazur: Http://

Vein: Swirsky: is there any concern older browsers when using flex?

Koor: Swirsky, • Flexible Box Layout Module • W3C Working Draft • Global support: 80.97% • All browsers currently support this fully except UC Browser for Android. • Spec: • Link:

Swirsky: Vein, you should play with display: table-cell as well, that has more backwards compatibility

Swirsky: Mazur, no idea I cannot repro this on my desktop safari.

Vein: I was using table-cell, someone here mentioned some browsers don’t like that

Mazur: Swirsky, it’s a mobile safari problem

Swirsky: Vein, this is the problem with standalone table-cell :

Swirsky: Vein, and this is the fix :

Swirsky: Vein, i think this is the best way currently with vendo prefixes as well : the original fiddle.

Sammis: I feel that learning css3 animation is so tough

Puotinen: There are people here who can do it well without coping it from here or there? And how you have learned it.

Venning: I feel it quite tough.

Giere: Curiousmansi, I sometimes write scripts to generate what I want.

Sanges: You can definitely bet I didn’t come up with the positions for these items by hand:

Yonemori: But how you know what you want. You look around for another site

Roske: Kuddos to you if u did alll the stuff yourself of that atomic animation?

Newyear: I did. I knocked it out in a Friday night at work once.

Polashek: Then got permission whatnot and took it home and wrote an article.

Croucher: I wish CSS had additive animation

Artzer: I think it’s a better way to handle interruption. I have to use JS to do what I want

Galbo: They means your officials. so article they have written because they likes it may be.

Ducote: Nah. Just more re***urance from someone else I work with that two ****s would not be given if I wrote it up personally. 😛

Masudi: The potential loss from telling other people how to do this is exactly $0.

Rische: I see the black border of the dots and they’re MOCKING ME

Sookram: I understanding much what you are saying. But it’s great work. I wish i could do that

Rullo: Rische, hahaha, that border is intentional. :

Kasson: But I suppose people might not agree with my reasoning for having it.

Langan: Curiousmansi, view source and inspect element. dev tool stuff.

Rische: Maybe it’s just that i can tell the border’s a square?

Crawmer: If you are talking about the atom. then it is a psuedo element with border-radius: 50

Paratore: The version used in the app at work has a small “BUSY” in the middle and another developer on the project changed the delays to make it a bit more random.

Wimes: He felt that two of the particles always seemed to be on the same side of the atom at the same time.

Shipler: Which if you think 2D I suppose seems somewhat true.

Bettes: A funny thing about it, like the startup message for the same framework’s two versions so far, I was told I may have to change it due to the or some potential client not finding it tasteful or something. Nope. It’s still there. :

Holloway: Though only half the people got my first joke startup message that indicated we were looking around for bootstraps because our shoelaces had broken.

Rieske: If i have a button used to click for logging in and i want to style it completely different than how it looks, should i use the button tag or a tag?

Greenwalt: I’ve seen different websites use different tags for buttons

Marchello: It seems like if it redirects with a link it should be an a tag but if its just a button that performs some event it should be a button tag?