Ah, actually you did — I.

Eddins: Arup_r: in Chrome https://www.dropbox.com/s/e8pi324odfc6m8l/Screenshot%202015-09-17%2019.28.30.png

Carskadon: Arup_r: works everywhere in here

Coryell: I wish can use teamviewers :/

Kassler: Not working in my project. it is working in the codepen

Koes: I used the codepen to show the code.

Eddins: Arup_r: then, something else is hiding them. Use your inspector to find out what

Yett: Eddins: Ok then. How it is working in Firefox ?

Eddins: I’m not a mind-reader, arup_r

Eddins: I can only help debug the URLs you provide

Byrnside: Arup_r: do you have your project online?

Gossin: No. It is in local. That is the problem I can’t show you people.

Bisio: I have teamviewers . if you want

Eddins: Arup_r: https://ngrok.com/ will solve that problem

Eddins: Teamviewers are not required

Sagaser: Eddins: http://codepen.io/anon/pen/RWrmrg

Bailey: Should look like this actually http://codepen.io/chtsrl/pen/epJbgj

Bonomo: Trying to play with it but blowing up so quick

Eddins: Nintend0_: so…maybe start with something smaller?

Rega: Is there a way to make li:s horisontally arranged without floating them?

Rega: I started to google now, sorry

Rega: Li { display:inline; } = tada

Kite: Eddins: lol both are ready. just need to bring them together and almost there

Zinno: Oh I have 30sec to use that nick

Verbasco: I like that one better

Pittman: Imagine, an expanding .menubox with transition: -animation, and many different content .tabs for each subsection of the navigation menu. Open/close animation is achieved with a cl***, that sets default max-height of .menucontents from 0 to 500px, and toggles the respective . The contents of the menu varies, however. So, either the menu closes when clicking on different navigation items, or, two menu content items are shown briefly, and the menu height becomes equal to bot

Eddins: C-c: I’m a little unsure — is that a question

Eddins: What is the question?

Attaway: What is a good, non-javascript solution to this problem?

Eddins: Or are you describing what you would have in a perfect world, and the question is “How do I build the thing I just described?”

Stallsmith: The menubox gets max-height equal to both content items .tabs.

Eddins: C-c: can you link to what you’ve built so far? Without code, it’s hard to visualise

Mccorkle: I can’t actually, firewall.

Smutzler: It’s more of a “best practice with CSS” -question than a “solve my css layout” -problem anyway.

Gehrlein: I think most people solve this with javascript. But I like pure css :

Soberanes: I think one way to solve it, is to have different .menubox for each .tab.

Hampel: Perhaps one could do some clever trick with two transition -cl***es somehow.

Eddins: C-c: without code, you’re on your own :

Lagrave: Eddins: can you see ? http://9ac0dca8.ngrok.io/

Eddins: Yup, loaded. Presented with a login.

Pinkerman: I need to give you my usernamE AND P***WORD . :

Eddins: No way you can just disable it?

Eddins: C-c: a point of coding style — might be a good idea not to mix ” and ‘ and always use ”

Panora: Go to http://localhost:3000/users

Eddins: Arup_r: that’s your local URL

Shadiack: Click on the admin panel

Eddins: Arup_r: I can’t – you gave me your /localhost/ URL

Eddins: You need to share the publically-visible

Eddins: Which, if you’re using ngrok, it will give you in your shell

Ullom: Http://9ac0dca8.ngrok.io/users

Eddins: Ah, actually you did — I got your message confused with c-c :