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Shindo: Twirl: Google result for phpp*** – t

Miserendino: CSV exporting from one system to upload to wordpress/woocommerce is ugly. The client was using EKM and the CSV is just awful in terms of layout. Its over 3000 porducts too. Also, the links in the CSV for images are to the products hosted with EKM, so once the site goes live all those images will disappear, right?

Benefield: Why would any site going live make EKM’s hosted images disappear

Lhommedieu: Kenshino__: Because if they move the domain, the URL of the image changes

Gormley: Or am I being dumb? so if the CSV has the image location as http// and then the new site is built, so we now move away from EKM onto WordPress, then surely the image location becomes incorreect?

Schallig: The products should of course be put in during the staging process to prevent such a scenario

Duhart: The client has exported the product list from EKM to upload to woocommerce, right?

Lefevers: If you have a good importer, it should read where the image is via url and copy it into WordPress

Mcgough: I didn’t even think of that! I’ll check media library.

Calhaun: Kenshino__: Yeah, its uploading the image. Phew! Have you used Woocommerce CSV importer before?

Eastes: Twirl: Not really a place to ask about server issues

Dimascio: Kenshino__: well it looks like contact form 7 is doing something different

Kellerhouse: Kenshino__: Ok, so I am setting the featured_image to the featured image column, and then the product_gallery to every other image, is that right?

Flaming: They all use wp_mail which uses php mail, what php mail uses depends on your server

Phebus: Kenshino__: so it’s using mail; from php?

Logsdon: CMFDesign: I don’t know, I have never used it in your context

Caras: Kenshino__: Because the images aren’t appearing in product gallery.

Hanus: Kenshino__: oh well, then i need to fix the php conf?

Whitelaw: Kenshino__: its looking good to me

Malovich: Ahoy ! Is there any option to add which filetypes can be edited via the wordpress appearance editor ?

Schlette: I don’t think you should use that in any case

Belgarde: Unfortunately some people do – and since I have an s*** compiler running there, it would be benificial if they could edit .scss and not just .css

Jahncke: If you call action add_action’foo’, ‘var’; before var has been declared it will fail right?

Jahncke: I was reading the codex and found an example where add_action is used before declaring var. i wonder if it’s wrong

Jahncke: The example is the one below the Twenty Fifteen child theme style.css example

Bentz: If you declare the function within the same file, it works

Huerto: Wp_enqueue_style ‘parent-style’, get_template_directory_uri . ‘/style.css’ ;

Panelli: What’s wrong with that? :

Huerto: Hehe, what’s wrong with me!

Panelli: I was just wondering why you pasted that here

Huerto: Yes, i was about to ask what would be a possible output of get_template_directory_uri

Huerto: I am trying to understand that parameter

Couvillion: Huerto:

Huerto: If wordpress does not know where ‘parent-style’ is, it uses that url?

Panelli: It returns the uri of the parent theme template directory

Panelli: You use that to make your child theme use the parent theme’s style.css

Vanlith: Wp_enqueue_style ‘parent-style’, get_template_directory_uri . ‘/style.css’ ; wp_enqueue_style ‘child-style’, get_stylesheet_uri, array ‘parent-style’ ;

Vrbka: Hey guys, anyone know if there is a way to automatically show tweets from a certain hash tag?

Panelli: Loht:

Reimer: Is there a way to give a plugin in wordpress ‘priority’ over another? ie; so one redirects before another one might do redirects?