Yep, so i paste it tehre as.

Canestrini: Works fine with this plugin opsec :

Spinn: Highly recommended šŸ˜›

Lokan: Make notes of what you did ; now you have your own special sauce.

Lokan: Here’s the thing about “teaching” . it’s a myth. it’s not possible. . one can “show” what they’ve done, but not teach it. we all already know everything there is or ever was to know.

Lokan: We can only show another how we got the results we got, once they understand that, they’re free to modify and experiment on new recipes

Lokan: So if you’ve never done $something before, find someone that appears to be good at it and ask for their recipe ;

Reckling: Any idea why my ajax response object is ā€˜0ā€™ when Iā€™m sending back an object?

Lokan: That’s how we got chocolate chip cookies with reses pieces in them!

Gingell: Jstransky: paste your code

Irle: I literally copied and pasted this code

Gwynes: But Iā€™m using wp_send_json_success instead

Kratochwil: I need some help with moving WordPress to the root folder. I have a website that does not use WordPress, and I have created a subdomain website that does use WordPress. I would like to move the content from the subdomain to the root. Right now, going to brings me to my subdomain, but I would like to simply go to and be brought to the content from the subdomain. I would not like to redirect it, just simp

Stawicki: Ly replace the ‘website’ from the root with the WordPress one from the subdomain.

Eutsler: So in my callback, console.logresponse; should be something other than 0 yah?

Scharnberg: True, like you bro opsec šŸ˜€

Ludovici: Seems like it’s all fixed :

Duckwall: I guess it’s the same deal as me

Lokan: Geo_:

Lokan: Perseus0: check that out as well

Lokan: Will save you some headaches getting instantly moved to the new location.

Antone: Let me give it a try, thanks

Dershem: Hi there, is this link:***ent/custom-tracking-code-for-the-thanks-page/

Ishee: Letting me put javascript in the body?

Lokan: Limbera: where are you confused with that?

Perillo: Opsec: didn’t have those fields in my config file :

Lokan: It’s a function you add to your current theme’s functions.php which will add a tracking code to your orders, the “tracking code” is whatever you come up with

Mocarski: Can i put javascript in there

Lokan: Perseus0: the constants? no one does.

Perriello: I did change those properties manually on the db at the time

Lokan: Limbera: sure, but that code goes in your theme’s functions.php, not a wp page

Clearwater: It doesn’t really explain waht it does, does it inject a string?

Lokan: Perseus0: those constants elimiate the need for that ;

Lokan: You should never need to edit the db directly.

Hendrix: Do i need to return the string

Aranas: I don’t really get how the magic happens

Shodunke: Yeah I kind of figured that out now šŸ˜› opsec

Lokan: Hand editing the db could end up with ‘plosion

Buttrum: I hand edit the db quite often :

Lokan: Tables, columns and rows all over the place. burning piles of embers

Genthner: Not this in particular tho

Mosure: Thank you very much opsec, didn’t know it was that simple :

Lokan: Https://

Figueras: Opsec: if i put the javasciprt snippet inside of a string, am i expected to return the string?

Lokan: Limbera: from your link “* Put your tracking code here”

Mcswain: Yep, so i paste it tehre as a string