Unless you were smitten by.

Bedlion: So what do your error logs say?

Geil: Opsec do you know a place you can buy bitcoins with a credit card, most the places i have found only let you buy like 80$ worth, Elenbaas like $300+

Olli: Opsec: I only have ftp access to that web site.

Hurdle: How do I check the erro logs in that case ?

Bedlion: Fris: 2 brothers just started a huge new one, can’t remember the name of it. give me a sec

Geil: Twins from facebook thinggy?

Schuttler: Maybe a .htacess problem but then no images should show.

Bedlion: Jil: stop guessing, it won’t help you.

Leitheiser: Jil: missed the start — what’s the Q?

Bedlion: Jil: contact your host if you don’t have full access.

Bedlion: Or sterndata likes digging.

Mooneyhan: Sterndata: my loggo is not showing anymore so is a few images on my website. most images are still displaying.

Bedlion: Fris: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winklevoss_twins . gemeni exchange

Sobrowski: You can compare with my backup here http://lijm.numerique.ci

Mcclaugherty: There should be a logo on top left

Bedlion: Fris: https://gemini.com/ . looks like it’s not totally up yet

Huslander: And the images in Nos parternaires diseapered

Bedlion: Fris: supposed to be backed, FDIC .

Lollis: The second but probably related problem is the upload of media not working any more from the admin interface.

Siegfreid: JilI see a div with no img src= or background image — gantry_logo_2

Bedlion: Terrible gantry “framework”

Vanblarcom: There’s no image to show

Bedlion: Http://lijmermoz.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/france-logo.jpg Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 Forbidden

Bedlion: Http://lijmermoz.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/rci-logo.jpg Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 Forbidden

Bedlion: WordPress is not doing that, your host or configuration is.

Meinders: Yes I know I have to mangae the site with that framework until I made a new one.

Bedlion: 403 is a webserver error, not wordpress

Bedlion: Look at your console in chrome, there’s several other 403’s

Gurrero: Yes I’m sorry to bother you with a webserver error.

Mccomber: P***ing back the shovel

Bedlion: My shovel is diamond tipped.

Tiwald: But how can I repeare it with only ftp access to the webserver

Bedlion: Sterndata: over 1000 confirmed dead from tipping back the crumbs of the brownie crunch mix from Tj’s :

Bedlion: Jil: go look at those exact files i pasted above.

Dominquez: Permissions or ownership

Bedlion: Check the that webserver owner and permissions are correct for them, they should be 644

Bedlion: As for the webserver owner/user . i doubt you can control that from shared hosting

Bedlion: It’ll most likely be set already to your user/account

Poyer: Yeah I can chand owner user

Bedlion: I wouldn’t change anything until you know what needs to be changed

Bedlion: I’d get on the horn with the host, and make sure you have plenty of brie and baguettes on hand. could take a minute

Bedlion: Jil: compare those files against other files/images that work correctly

Bourgoyne: Right issue. I had to much right I guess on folder going to the logo file

Bispham: I used 775 instead of 755

Cockerill: I twittened the rights for all folders to 755 and checked that no files were left with 664 but 644 and things seems to go back on track

Bedlion: Heh, “twittened” was the only made up word there ;

Bedlion: Unless you were smitten by twitter i guess.