They are as good as it gets.

Silacci: There’s Edwin inherently wrong with any color background, really

Losier: On the shop page jimmy

Zeleny: Silacci: the sharp contrast is hard to read, especially with small text. Not everyone is 20 years old.

Silacci: Sterndata: then make the text less bright white

Friberg: He is not willing to budge on the color

Paolini: Yes. that has to be considered i the design

Gatewood: Tried moving it to a nice sky blu

Detrolio: Or something less dark

Silacci: Oh i get that, but the background color itself isn’t problematic. only if he’s unwilling to budge on what the text will look like on top of it

Prisoc: He has no problems with what the text will look like

Mcguff: Ok, well, you’ve got our CSS work cut out for you.

Allabaugh: What was the image issue?

Baradi: Not sizing properly in the cart or on the product page

Levenson: Meant to be a thumbnail in the cart and just not squished on the product page

Stivanson: A 90px X 90px thumbnail for the cart

Wilmott: Anyone familiur with jetpack?

Cowper: Publicly accessible to use Jetpack: site_inaccessible i keep getting that error

Sporn: Publicly accessible to use Jetpack: site_inaccessible

Riddlebarger: Wamphyri: are you on localhost?

Ludeker: What’s your URL? that means your xmlrpc.php didn’t return 200

Radcliff: Http://

Heusner: Wamphyri: is your site publicly accessible?

Spatafore: Http://

Arcuri: Stern you are truly amazing

Minden: Wamphyri: nslookup fails for that domain

Ceovantes: The product image looks perfect

Kenon: Drumhobo: learn to use the inspector

Joa: But the cart image is not right

Ludeker: Wamphyri: Same here. DNS issue somewhere.

Ludeker: Wamphyri: if a new site, might not have time to propagate.

Macandog: Been up for 2 weeks or so

Shetrawski: Will give it my best go

Macdonnell: Any recommended ways to import a csv into mysql table? The file is just about 1GB, has just under 1.5mil rows and 30 columns. I wanted to open the file locally because 14 of the columns are not needed. it is delimited by vertical bar, . I’m building a plugin around the data

Ludeker: Seemingly not : — But yeah, that’s why Jetpack returned that.’s servers couldn’t resolve your domain.

Kellam: Wamphyri: I get a result if I go straight to the name server, but not at or the opendns name servers. Something’s wrong at 1and1. You should contact their tech support.

Flakne: PrudentMav: Not a wordpress question

Garavaglia: 1and1 is horrible. hostgator is better and digitalocean even better

Befus: Hostgator is garbagio

Bossick: Digitalocean if you can operate terminal

Drovin: Stay away from any EIG hosts.

Bacich: Yeah they are. they were pretty good when they first started

Tuton: PrudentMav, yup i agree 1and1 is ****, but for 0.99c for the domain i can’t complain lol

Gottemoeller: Wamphyri: Please help us keep Franzmann a family friendly room, and avoid using foul language.

Ike: Celmer: this has Edwin to do with that. It’s a DNS issue

Uleman: They got baught and went down hill

Bennefield: The EIG aquisition is recent. I haven’t seen any degradation in hostgatros service

Prchal: Wamphyri looks like your nameservers are not properly set

Henze: Wasnt talking about tht stayonthehustle

Bennefield: They are as good as it gets for a cheap share.