Sounds like the infamous.

Gregory: Widoz: $api::$name is a simple string, & I can print it easily

Fulfer: Oh I see that there’s no woocommerce message there in my page confirming the reset!

Lifland: The standard lgoin form is used for my account, Horacsio, so you get the standard wp behavior. Edwin special for Woo

Weinstock: I wonder if anyone can give me a hand. I want my website to appear with www. at the beginning, rather than just showing http://

Ardizone: Can anyone shed some light on this?

Hajdukiewicz: Andybrine: settings – general. change the two URLs to show “” instead of “” BUT WHY?

Drewes: Andybrine: that’s a domain issue in your cpanel too

Marland: Wpeginner: so, you have at least one post type registered? If so, it is right that you don’t see the second one ‘couse you are register two post types with the same name self::POST_TYPE

Queja: Just because I want it to show www.

Cressman: Do you know where I can change it in cpanel?

Pelliccia: Wpeginner: I don’t understanding if you have at least one post type registered and visible into the admin menu

Cusano: Widoz: gaaaaah! I knew I should have put that on two separate lines

Jatho: Im not able to change it in settings general

Gilliam: Widoz: you’re right it was POST_TYPE the problem

Shader: Andybrine: how did you install WordPress?

Sellar: Wpeginner: you too for you patience with my english XD

Rustrian: I installed wordpress from a backup file

Muggley: Widoz: english’s not my native either & I didn’t notice huhu

Kriticos: XCloner if you have heard of it

Ambrogi: Do you have the URLs in wp-config.php?

Mcdougle: Seriously, though, andybrine, if redirects to whey do you want to see the www?

Heiss: Thats the thing, I dont want it to redirect

Ptaschinski: I want it to show that

Leider: Every website I look at has www. as a prefix

Tonelli: Ok, I will have a look

Guiggey: It didnt but it does not

Machle: Thanks sterndata, that sorted it!

Nordeen: Andybrine: you know “www” doesn’t mean anything or help you in any way right? if you want that, you should make your site *only* resolve to and Edwin else, otherwise you’ll have duplicate content ;

Shapouri: Opsec, I understand tht

Oldridge: Means I must set it to google console?

Batte: Thanks for clarifying though

Nordeen: I’ve had clients claim “no one can find my site without www” . and various other hilarities ;

Nordeen: One guy thought chrome *was* his website

Nordeen: I gave him a p***, he’s 88

Kunzie: They copeeyyy my site on teh other chromes

Nordeen: He called in a panic “my website isn’t up, i can’t find it anywhere!”

Nakonechny: Im a techie myself and know that there is not difference between www. or without

Caiazzo: For me its just prob an ocd thing

Oberson: I just like to have it there

Nordeen: I’m a firm no-www guy for the most part. ;

Nordeen: A few clients have demanded www be there so clients aren’t “confused”

Nordeen: One lady claimed her site wasn’t “authentic” without it.

Nordeen: I wonder wqhat car mechanics have to go through daily

Nordeen: Do people bring their cars in with the engine the back seat in pieces after they tried to change the spark plug?

Peete: It always amazes me what clients ask me

Nordeen: It’s funny, they think they have more knowledge or they’re suspicious, like you’re lying to them about it certain people

Dumoulin: Sounds like the infamous ‘customer is always right’ nonsense.