Shelburne yes not meant for.

Bellow: I don’t have to do it.

Shelburne: Wow. 1000 hour head-start.most people really have time for that?

Shelburne: Who am I kidding.there is no way there is THAT much to learn about a starter theme.

Haptonstall: Anyone have a hint to point me in the right direction for enabling a user to edit all medial library data but not perform other admin functions?

Filipovich: Nesoi: have you looked at the user role editor plugin?

Haptonstall: Thanks Filipovich I did look at it, but it’s not clear to me which roles would allow a user to edit media

Haptonstall: Right, but I’m not sure which capabilities would be used

Haptonstall: Or… add a new capability?

Filipovich: That’s probably a lot more involved

Haptonstall: Right, so I was hoping that there was some combination of capabilities which would allow a user to edit media library entries, but it’s not clear which those would be

Filipovich: But I think you want to create a media library only role, right?

Filipovich: You might want a combination of role editor and this:

Filipovich: Override the edtior role or create a “media” role

Filipovich: Nesoi:

Filipovich: Capability manager is the plugin you need, I think

Haptonstall: I actually installed both of those plugins, and they seem pretty much equivalent, but none of the capabilities seem to control editing the media library

Haptonstall: Or, if they do it’s just not apparent to me by their names

Filipovich: Subscribers do not have access to the media library, so see what permission or capability is tied to that role.

Haptonstall: Subscribers have only read capability

Filipovich: But to what? That’s the key. maybe “upload files”?

Haptonstall: There should be do***entation somewhere on these huh?

Haptonstall: Ok, thanks for looking at it. I have to run out but will play with it more later.

Filipovich: OK. that’s the only capability that seems remotely connected.

Filipovich: Nesoi: if you’re still around: then sc roll down to “upload_fiiles”

Haptonstall: Right, I didn’t see an obvious match

Haptonstall: So it appears that you were right atain!

Haptonstall: I have to try it later though… thanks

Danniels: Does someone here do critics on webdesign?

Shelburne: Is Underscores theme actually designed for CSS to be modified or is it intended to create a stylesheet that will over-ride for adding/changing styles?

Trubey: They say it is supposed to be used to modify to create your own template, they recommend don’t do a child-theme for it. Just do it beginning with underscores but for your own template.

Shelburne: Also, would I be violating it’s purpose if I created a “theme framework” that contains a **** ton of settings allowing set theme details such as number of columns, all kinds of colors, etc in the realm of what Suffusion theme does?

Lois: Shelburne: Please help us keep Orchard a family friendly room, and avoid using foul language.

Shelburne: Okay, I’m willing to say Shizzle

Pertuit: You can use it to whatever you want, that’s what they created it.

Hugill: Shelburne _s is meant to be used as a starting point, like a skeleton, with all the template files ready, no styling

Shelburne: Well, I like Suffusion, but it’s a little lacking in that it doesn’t let you set the widths and heights of various areas. Plus, the author removed the specialized page templates which I thought were a very good benefit.

Shelburne: Okay, so don’t create an over-riding stylesheet, just adjust the styling that comes as a part of it.

Muscolino: Shelburne yes not meant for a child theme