Omg, this site uses visual.

Carnevale: My thinking was, ‘hey, I’m looping over WP_query results and $post is undefined. There’s probably a common cause for that’

Offley: Carnevale: not thinking like. oh yea, but i’m returning the resuls in ob_get_contents via ajax as an object sent through another one?

Carnevale: I honestly didn’t think the fact that it was an ajax action was relevant.

Cripe: Carnevale: THAT is the problem.

Bridgens: Ablova: something with your css directory or path isnt linking up? it’d show an error tho. any URLs to show?

Swell: Carnevale: that you didn’t think it was relevant. which means you aren’t entirely sure what you’re doing, which means you should probably give context to what you’re doing when asking a question because you dont know what you’re actually doing.

Carnevale: Yep ok. thanks for clearing that up.

Goldberger: Is it a good idea to reinstall wordpress and the theme to see it this solves it

Aboudi: Or is just a waste of time

Bridgens: Uh, did you change anything major? usually css is unrelated to the greater workings

Ornstein: Ablova: if you go directly to the CSS path is the file there?

Pomplun: Shoot sorry I gotta run. adios muchachos

Bridgens: Guys, im trying to pour this gl*** of water but the water does not go in the gl***. let me neglect to mention i am in outer space

Kerkvliet: The theme I installed said not to have wp-less installed, so the folder was deleted

Wentzell: Bridgens: lol great sample!

Camlin: Carnevale: one last note. you should probably use get_posts instead of a new WP_Query. that said, i still dont know the full context in what you’re trying to do, so that’s just my guess

Sachez: Ablova: what’s your stie’s URL?

Carnevale: None the less, you nailed the answer even in my poorly worded question

Rucker: If I use the default themes, everything seems Ok, only when I use my premium theme things get *****ed

Bridgens: Hmm, wp-less is a css plugin, so something mightve broke when you just rm’ed it

Kovach: Carnevale: dont know for sure that I nailed the aanswer.

Bridgens: Might have some wp hook still relying on it

Sachez: Ablova: and what’s wrong with it?

Sachez: Ah, I see a bunch of 404’s on some css files

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Sachez: Ni291187: please go away

Carnevale: You helped provide $post. I’ll look into get_post although this query is going to get hairy as there’s going to be a lot of meta involved as I grow the functionality

Sachez: Ablova: there are some very strange paths for your 404’d CSS files.

Sachez: Ablova: for example,

Sachez: And

Demore: How can I find out which wp hook is still trying to use it

Rocray: Ablova: Please attempt to disable all plugins, and use one of the default Twenty* themes. If the problem goes away, enable them one by one to identify the source of your troubles.

Sachez: Did you install a plugin called wp-less?

Sandlin: I´ve never installed a wp-less plugin

Sachez: There are some things in strange places, even now:

Sachez: Did you have an img directory in your do***ent root?

Sachez: Omg, this site uses visual composer.