Is there something in.

Layfield: Forbidd3n what os are you wanting to install on? ubuntu or centos prob already has it in the package manager

Ellworths: Sterndata: I rather keep it outside of wordpress. Also, can I initiate a bash script from with php so if they wanted to reinstall from backup?

Stager: Centos I believe it is. I have to check

Lontz: But starting bash from PHP is an extra layer of fudge that’s not needed.

Moyler: Run the script from cron on your server.

Mcilvaine: Fris: anyway to check if it is already instealled

Layfield: Http://

Bebo: Sterndata: if the client wants to initial a resintall from backup without me

Caho: Forbidd3n: that would be a disaster. :-

Gressman: Sterndata: why? if WP was hacked, and I am not around, then they can click a button that will first check if re-install is running, if so, ignore and if not start the process

Layfield: Once installed uou would just drop the backup files in the dropbox folder

Layfield: I dump mysql dbs to dropbox twice a day

Reikowsky: Fris: what about WP files?

Layfield: With timestamps etc so i can go back if needed

Layfield: Forbidd3n not for all sites, a few i do

Daudelin: You do this through bash scripts using dropbox cli?

Ominelli: Mckern: the CF7 forms that i’ve used do not use the action “sendmail.php”. How have you configured CF7?

Layfield: Forbidd3n dropbox on linux works the same on desktop

Layfield: On desktop you just add it to the dir and it syncs it

Layfield: Simple copy of a file to the dir

Sein: Mckern: your page uses “form id=”contact-form” action=”sendmail.php” method=”post” name=”” novalidate=”novalidate””

Bruer: Fris: or use rsync so only necessary files get copied

Laprairie: Fris: would you scripts already written you are willing to sell or share?

Layfield: Forbidd3n its just a simple copy ;

Peffley: Sterndata: Yes, this is why I am confused. How do I remove the action sendmail.php?

Layfield: Once the backup is done

Layfield: Its just a simple mysqldump and copy the saved file to the dropbox dir

Hamnon: I mean the entire concept, from mysqldump, tar’ing files and pushing to dropbox and from dropbox to server and exploding files and reimporting db.

Layfield: Mysqldump -u username -p database ~/Dropbox/database.sql

Yarrell: Forbidd3n: saves 7 daily mysql dumps

Nimon: If OUTPUTDIR is your dropbox folder, Bob’s your uncle.

Layfield: Ya use that just change the output dir to your dropbox

Langwell: Mckern: how did you put the form on the page? Just a CF7 shortcode?

Lomanto: That is for the database, so do the same for WP files after tar’ing it?

Broadstreet: Forbidd3n: I’d use rsync becuase typically very little changes from day to day in the file system

Casavez: Sterndata: Yeah it came with the theme, its quite an old site. client went quiet for a while. I might have had server problems with regards to mail a few months ago and moved to a wordpress hosting company. Wonder if this is some damage left over.

Salvey: Is CF7 up to date, Mckern?

Minchew: Sterndata: Yes, the hosting company deals with all that stuff for me.

Layfield: Forbidd3n maybe just the uploads dir

Kenebrew: Sterndata: the script you gave is for backing mysql up to local backup directory. fris: you hae scripts that do backup / reinstall to and from dropbox, correct? I can work through the process online on doing it, but if the resource is already there and it is for sale, I might be willing to purchase a finished concept versus reinventing the wheel. :

Maschak: Is there something in wp-cli that can do all this?