Hi guys, anyone of you.

Vangoff: Harpagornis: only reason I could think of is if you wanted to enforce some sort of ordering on them that WP itself can’t do.

Gailey: I would order them by their category

Foster: But I think you can not do with these functions

Vangoff: Yes you can. Try: ?php previous_post_link ‘%link’, ‘%title’, TRUE; ?

Dupee: Is there a good way to store all uploaded media to Google Cloud Files, rather then on the server?

Bendana: And just link to the Google Cloud Files path?

Ringer: Michaelaguiar: did you do a google search before asking that? wordpress+cdn+google+drive">https://www.google.com/search?q=wordpress+cdn+google+drive

Troup: Sterndata: I did — and I don’t want google drive

Dimler: Sterndata: I want to use Google Cloud Files

Kamnik: I changed “drive” to “cloud” and found this: https://----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/plugins/wp2cloud-wordpress-to-cloud/

Spiers: And this wordpress-to-google-cloud">http://www.slideshare.net/artemliv****s/wordpress-to-google-cloud

Alford: Sterndata: Please help us keep Mintz a family friendly room, and avoid using foul language.

Shekarchi: Sterndata: The problem with that one, is it requires you install some CLOUSE that I think costs like $99 / year

Siptak: Not worth it for what I need

Rockstad: Both links are the same btw, both required Clouse by OblakSoft

Degolyer: Not seeing much for the google cloud

Hartung: Do you think Google Cloud is better then AWS, or no?

Neihart: I do not have an opinion. What are you trying to accomplish?

Sippel: Deciding between the two for best performance. I have AWS working already, just wanted to see if I could get Google Cloud working

Malesky: Michaelaguiar, from what I’ve heard aws is better

Kostis: Don’t remember why though.

Fitsgerald: Maybe it was more easy to scale with it

Buske: Or something like that

Prophete: Amazon comes with free two day delivery? :-

Bedlion: Sterndata: yea “free” for only like $150/yr

Bedlion: After you pay the fee, it’s “free”!

Hirsche: We use Prime because we buy a LOT of stuff through amazon, plus we watch movies and TV. I worked it out once and we come out ahead.

Bedlion: I buy a lot of things, i just choose free shipping and choose not to care when it comes

Tye: Opsec: i need my amazon orders NOW. like, 2 min ago

Vangoff: Michaelaguiar: From what I understand, eventually Google Cloud will probably be better, but it requires work that in general hasn’t been done right now. I’d say wait 3 months and have another look, and if not then, then keep looking regularly.

Geil: Anyone using multisite?

Shriver: I set a page as the blog page but no posts are displaying

Ketelsen: I am using the action “wp_handle_upload” to upload my files somewhere else. However, how can I set the new URL to be used for that file, rather then the local url?

Gehlhausen: Can I do it in the same action, or is there another?

Hamontree: I set a page as the blog page but no posts are displaying

Xue: Question for the WP brain trust, say you want to do some slightly structure modification to a plugin, how do you do it?

Eikenberry: I understand with themes, you make a child theme. just not sure how you do it with a plugin? This wouldn’t be purely css modifications either

Buquo: Kocho: Good plugins provide filters for you to make some changes or templates that you can override with a theme

Garn: Kenshino_ what about the ‘bad’ ones

Jehle: You don’t have much of a choice

Aksamit: Edit the plugin or don’t use it and make your own

Gome: Oki doki, thank you sir

Balensiefen: Hi guys, anyone of you knows a theme that is very similar to this? https://us.store.parrot.com/en/ — maybe something similar that you have stumbled on before