Cheers, that does beat my.

Machle: I have one more question : I get 404 error: ./wp-content/cache/minify/000000/.

English: Hey! I updated my wordpress site and the “site is down for mainteancen” came up and It’s been there for 15 minutes. Can I do anything? Feels like something has gone wrong

Drone: Temhaa: can you give lil more detail ?

Gillett: Johelish: still down?

Gillett: There’s a file that wordpress drops in the site route which will make that message display if it is present

Gillett: You can manually remove if you think it’s died

Becklund: Just ask your question

Baros: No need to ask if people are around

Slee: I wonder if this code is Optimized with WordPress I mean If I can add/remove Content via WordPress

Moralas: You’ll need to learn how to code. It’s not a WordPress plugin

Flummer: I can code but Why adding things in manuelly

Robinson: Because that’s not a WordPress plugin

Zent: I am looking for a Responsive Grid addon actually

Mahnke: Which is the Original one or .org ?

Liechti: is the commercial, hosted version of WordPress

Rainville: It uses technology from anyway

Gourdin: WordPress is the self-hosted, open source place where people congregate to make WordPress better

Bilagody: I see. If you would install the WP which one you would install? I am asking your recommendation actually

Gillett: Whats the process for properly enqueuing google maps with WP?

Coronel: Hi, is there any nice plugin that can make a nice archive-page using datatables?

Rollow: How can i manage slugs?

Manciel: Temhaa: Click edit slug? There’s probably more to your question.

Josefy: So here’s an interesting one, I have a site where all the media elements are showing the default “media” icon, the files exist in wp-content/uploads, I can see them in the database, if I click for details on the media it will tell me the URL for it the URL als oworks, but the filename field is blank, and the thumbnails aren’t being displayed

Josefy: Ok, I found the culprit, no idea how it happened though, but oh well

Lush: Josefy – is it file permissions causing the issue?

Josefy: Meta_key’s for all the images are wiped

Pezzuti: Https:// Just sharing!

Milling: So im reading a guide on child themes and it says you link the child theme using the functions file instead of import url

Niceswander: Is that how its supposed to be nowadays?

Sarault: Anyone got any bright ideas on how to run a WordPress multisite where the main domain is different & .fr but the subfolder is the same /blog ? They have different content so it’s not a case of having it multilingual.

Slight: I crashed my site : I broke. But I exported before time using toolsexport. Can I restore from xml file?

Tanous: Https://

Lyn: WordiestGnome: WordPress Store Locator –

Josefy: Well, that’s just not correct.

Dad: WordiestGnome: See a list of plugins relating to domain mapper at

Recendez: Surprisingly that also just sent me to a page of store locators.

Ketcham: WordiestGnome: See a list of plugins relating to domain map at

Rehfeldt: Cheers, I’m aware of the plugin though. However it’s not just a custom domain, it’s a subfolder of a custom domain which it doesn’t let you map to.

Josefy: Map it to a subdomain, add a rewrite for subdomain to subdir

Doughtery: Cheers, that does beat my original idea. I’ve found an article that might offer a good alternative wordpress-multisite-with-unique-domain-names-and-subdirectory/">