TheMineBench . You’re.

Haxby: Venezia: when I migrate the mysal tables am I supposed to overwrite the existing data in them?

Tynan: TheMineBench: Hint, it involves GROUP BY.

Prinkey: Xgc: the primary key is accountId, clientId so there can’t be multiple clientIds with the same account

Kaumo: TheMineBench: The table called “last5” does.

Venezia: Scott0_: just bring over the whole db directory

Dumar: Venezia: moving from 32bit to 64 also

Vandergraph: TheMineBench: I’m asking you to ***ume you have that table.

Simkulet: TheMineBench: I have a reason.

Starch: TheMineBench: There’s a method to my madness.

Decoux: Scott0_: why can’t you?

Der: The 32 bit files won’t work on 64bit will they?

Malatesta: Xgc: No I don’t know. I could probably find out in one google search x

Ufford: I was under the impression they won’t

Whitfield: TheMineBench: The table called “last5” contains the result of your last query to find the last 5 logins for that account.

Potratz: TheMineBench: Try google.

Decoux: Scott0_: who told you about that?

Venezia: Scott0_: the files aren’t affected by that

Piccirilli: TheMineBench: Once you have that, I can show you a little trick to create that table in your query.

Decoux: Scott0_: I think you need to forget what you “hear”.

Venezia: Is this why you wanted to use a new server instead of an upgrade? someone might just be trying to sell you a bridge :

Mino: I did read it somewhere

Decoux: Venezia: a golden bridge

Browing: So the innodb files can just be moved over?

Fleeger: TheMineBench: Btw, your attempt to find the last 5 logins was not correct.

Decoux: Scott0_: yes, yes, yes, yes yes yes yes and yes

Szafranski: Ok that changes some things

Guise: I was looking forward to building the binlog with the dump

Venezia: Scott0_: make sure the db is shut down first if you just move the files. if you need it running, use a hot tool like xtrabackup to move them

Lyday: TheMineBench: find them with SELECT COUNT* as qty,dupefield,otherfields FROM table GROUP BY dupefield,otherfields HAVING qty 1

Hearson: I was hoping to enable the binlog for future replication

Elis: Which I can’t do if I just move the files

Nicholas: Xgc: SELECT clientId FROM last5 GROUP BY clientId HAVING COUNT* 1;?

Decoux: Scott0_: you need to record the binlog position if the new server is a slave.

Kozar: The new server is the master

Denholm: TheMineBench: Correct. Now before we continue, you need to correct your attempt to find the last 5 logins.

Decoux: Scott0_: stop the current master save the current binlog position. Move the datadir / my.cnf over to the new master, enable binlogs on the new master. Set up the old master as a slave using the binlog position you recorded.

Tocher: Xgc: I forgot the DESC?

Nunery: TheMineBench: That’s all

Mccadden: Http:// anybody?

Drinski: I’m trying to replicate from a MySQL master in to a node of an XtraDb cluster.

Ruedy: Nothing in error log at time of issuing commands

Skradski: TheMineBench: Now review this. See the first query. It uses a construct called a “derived table”.!9/4d13d/2

Mortel: TheMineBench: You can apply your your logic to find duplicates to that derived table.

Legault: TheMineBench: See this slight change, for clarity:!9/4d13d/3

Kynard: TheMineBench: You can take the . AS last5 and drop that directly into your duplicate query, replacing the base table last5.

Sessums: TheMineBench . You’re welcome.