Anyone know how to build.

Rumery: Botelho, bad but I understand that, just saying do***entation is not very helpful about this.

Sabagh: I want to rebuild using readline instead of editline

Sabagh: Is there a way to only make the client, not the client and server?

Bachinski: Sabagh: most distros allow you to install the client only from the repos

Sabagh: I’m not on a machine where I can use a package manager

Sabagh: Cmake . -DWITH_READLINE=1

Dede: How to tell mysql command-line client to use network connection rather than Unix socket when connecting to localhost?

Sabagh: Pihpah: you can simply use

Bachinski: Pihpah: man mysql and look for the -h option

Bachinski: Pihpah: the mysql user is the unique combination of username and host

Cheshire: is an SSH host from which I connect to my DB server

Paker: I know, so mysql -h localhost would work theoretically

Makhija: Pihpah: this is how mysql sees you

Masseria: Pihpah: In MySQL, the host “localhost” uses a UNIX socket by default, unless you specify –protocol=TCP. is always a TCP socket. UNIX sockets are generally faster. On Windows it’s all TCP, unless you set up a named pipe.

Sabagh: FEATURE_SET:STRING=xsmall ?

Vizza: That’s strange, I have the following entry in mysql.user ‘select Host,User,P***word from mysql.user;’ = % b7a *84AAC12F54AB666ECFC2A83C676908C8BBC381B1

Bachinski: Pihpah: if you’re going to wildcard hosts you need to drop anonymous accounts

Bachinski: Pihpah: where the username is an empty string

Alvarenga: I have only two entries in mysq.user, no anonymous accounts I guess

Picart: Ah, it’s okay. Sorry. False alarm.

Sabagh: OK, you can pay me now

Farella: Yeah, that’s the real p***word :

Sabagh: But looks like you used Bachinski’s suggestion, not mine

Sabagh: I’m still not clear why your port forwarding fails for 127

Hai: Where result set of query saved?

Sabagh: Prolly in the result-cache

Eshelman: Sabagh: -h works as well. I just mistyped my p***.

Sabagh: You forgot to paste your ssh p***.

Sabagh: I’m concluding there is no way to just build the client in 5.6?

Metzler: Only keys, no basic auth

Sabagh: I.e. looking at cmake . -LH doesn’t suggest one

Lifton: Anybody knows where is part of query executor in sources?

Sabagh: Https:// # Dang

Sabagh: wordpress/compiling-mysql-5-6-24/">Https:// ?

Sabagh: Gah! Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.6.26, for Linux x86_64 using EditLine wrapper

Sabagh: Trying -DWITH_EDITLINE=system gives Cannot find system editline libraries

Paine: Is there any way I can force a “load data infile” to continue if a row doesn’t contain data for all columns?


Bachinski: Tarquinio: look at the IGNORE keyword

Cotnoir: Could simple select query await some row-level locks?

Stabley: Simple select query is not affected by innodb locks

Pebsworth: Only when it is monkey-patched query in serializable isolation level?

Gallogly: Geter: The X-Y problem is when you want to do X, but you don’t know how. You think you can hack X if you can just do Y, but you don’t know how to do Y either. You ask us for help with Y. We think Y is a strange problem to want to solve. So just ask us about X.

Sabagh: Https://

Sabagh: Anyone know how to build with readline instead of editline?