The accordion is wrapping.

Tabak: Jerit, something like this: $’#your_button_id’.clickfunction{ var selectedRow = $’#table_id’.find’.is_selected’; };

Capati: Or just $’table tr.is_selected’

Dupaski: Cork how do you think this will work if I have multiple rows selected and the user then for some reasons decides to attempt to edit them all at the same time?

Camano: Jerit: cl***ic problem

Seipel: Wait, won’t $’table tr.is_selected’ simply return the first element that matches the selector?

Kinsey: You could grab the first match, or you could forbid edit if more then one row is selected

Bobek: So now the question becomes how to determine whether or not multiple rows are selected

Yen: JQuery.getScript “./loadme.js” ; – instead of

Marlo: How do i make sure the relative path is the relative path of the script and not the domain calling the script

Clow: Hi i have a problem with isotope

Vercher: TedMed tried .getScripting the FQDN?

Muchler: That works but i don’t want to hardcode it

Klepacki: Look at

Raigoza: Makes my life easier when moving away from the development server

Lanes: TedMed: relative paths area always relative to the page not the script

Leaird: Ok, so there is not way to determine the url of the script being called?

Bruscato: Also calling that server will be considered cross domain

Depiro: Im all about cross domain

Deppner: What im trying to achieve is a wordpress plugin which consists of as little code as possible, also i want to be able to change everything on the server side, not in the plugin code

Vegh: I allready manged to get sessions working over CORS

Tubergen: Now i want to move all of the ***ets to my server

Flathers: But i don’t want to define multiple scripts to be loaded in the plugin code, but one, which would then call the rest of the files

Taddei: So that if i need to make changes to what scripts i use, i could just edit one file, without updating all the plugins installed

Plasencia: Maybe im doing everything a bit backwards but i need to build a plugin for 5 different CMS

Sardinha: So thats why i want to keep plugin code to a minimum

Quattro: And i will have a list of domains which are allowed to use the plugin, so CORS headers are easy to maintain

Fayad: My isotope not sorting masonry

Weems: I have a question with isotope insert

Ousley: Mrs ask your question.

Derobertis: Cork, can you help me please i want the “pay with debt or credit card” option to show up like this in the jsfiddle it doesnt come up

Sonza: Baako: not sure what your asking about, the css isn’t included for one

Okamura: Cork, not the css but the jquery

Damas: I am not refering to the styling

Va: Then what are you talking about?

Santibanez: If you click on the load button

Lysiak: You dont see the “Pay with debit or credit card”

Servant: Basically when JQUERY UI accordion kicks in, it removes it

Schorsch: Please look at

Neuschwander: Isotope not working in relayout my site

Northan: Is it possible to have nested sortables using jquery ui ?

Prchlik: Cork: great! do you know how performance is when using a lot of images ?

Galeoto: Ledj2015: haven’t used it for a while but as far as i remember it worked well

Oster: Depends on your definition of “lots” though

Gram: Baako: the problem is with your html

Weier: The accordion is wrapping everything