I’m about to explain it.

Szychowski: This feels very “code by google” to me.

Szychowski: Not able to make a simple test case because is uses PHP?

Freudenthal: Hi robert, hows going?

Szychowski: I’m breathing. how are you?

Hora: If I do $window.on”message onmessage”, . , i mean, I attach a event handler to my window object

Dibattista: If I change the do***ent html content , is destroyed the handler ?

Szychowski: No, but you shouldn’t be removing the do***ent at such a base level.

Szychowski: What are you changing?

Berndt: I’ve got a HTML page that executes that code onReady

Campagne: If I change the page another URL, changing location

Szychowski: Then yes, the handler is destroyed.

Schweickert: And back to the first page

Szychowski: The window object on a page only persists while that page exists. you’d have to manually reattach it.

Wimmer: Say I have $foo with a bunch of elements in it, and $bar with a different selection, can I execute something on both of them without changing their selection?

Mentz: Like $foo.and$bar.clickfunction {.};

Yeend: I know no JS/jQuery, but am looking for some quick help with this code: http://pastebin.com/NX0e0rfe

Clausel: Right now that bottom function doesn’t take any arguments, how would i use the same thing but with a form to p*** “data” in the ajax POST?

Mataalii: So basically, use this with a form instead of just a button

Stamdifer: The one triggered by start-bg-job

Szychowski: You mean start_long_task?

Szychowski: You’d bind to the form’s submit event

Szychowski: And use $this to access the form itself.

Rimkus: Well, but start_long_task is started by another function which is ran when the button is clicked. right?

Szychowski: Then you could seralize the form.

Szychowski: And sure, why does that matter?

Szychowski: Jquery sets the context of the function to the element you ran it against.

Wenke: Okay. what is the code to access the form?

Falkiewicz: So that i can put data: form_data in start_long_task

Nanny: I really know nothing, sorry.

Szychowski: You’d probably want to do function start_long_taske { and then e.preventDefault; as the first line in that function to prevent the page from going to the submit thinger.

Aukamp: And then i can just do data: $this?

Szychowski: You’ll need to extract the data somebody.

Szychowski: You probably want JSON/.

Cuyler: Json would be great, any string would be fine

Szychowski: Https://api.jquery.com/serializeArray/ or https://api.jquery.com/serialize/ are two build in options. otherwise, you’ll have to do it yourself.

Swallow: I will read up, thank you robertmaxrees

Labrador: Do you have a favorite tutorial? i was going to go through the duckett book

Szychowski: Those pages tell you everything you need.

Dai: Alright, thank you again

Schwallie: Moment, I’ll create my question in jsbin.

Boudinot: Http://jsbin.com/firijubuse/edit?html,js,output

Gandarillia: Szychowski: I wrote in comment. Each loop I have the same value.

Delzer: Szychowski: For some reasons, although my i variable is different each time.

Szychowski: So this is actually invalid code.

Ambeau: Szychowski: 7/img/furniture/w/7.jpg – in my console

Gezalyan: The last value 7 times.

Szychowski: Your code isn’t doing what you think it is :

Szychowski: So here’s the rundown.

Moranville: Szychowski: What exactly I do not understand?

Szychowski: I’m about to explain it.