What should I be looking for.

Tahir: One looks clearer to me.

Bolerjack: Rcyr, var r = addv1, v2, v3 ?

Renzoni: So, instead of having, e.g.: readFilepath : String, mode : Mode, callback : Error, String – Void – Void path : String, callback : Error, String – Void – Void path : String, mode : Mode – Void path : String – Void, you’d have two functions: readFileWithModepath : String, mode : Moe, callback : Error, String – Void – Void and

Ebaugh: ReadFilepath : String, callback : Error, String – Void – Void.

Rohn: Instantly composable. Actually optimisable. And much easier to do***ent/tell the user what to use

Hallas: Bolerjack: That’s bad, add being a free function, you don’t know if it’s supposed to work with vectors

Mascorro: Does anyone have a do***ent to all the changes to javascript?

Seidling: Sadly JS doesn’t have Smalltalk syntax, otherwise you could have read-file: path and read-file: path with-mode: mode

Hickam: Rcyr: Bolerjack: vectorAddv1, v2, v3

Tabak: Fprophet: there are no diffs between the specifications, but you can just read the latest specification ES2015

Bolerjack: Rcyr, but what if add is just calling vec.add

Hickam: Add could delegate to the “correct” thing

Fredricks: One more thing, one of my cl***es has a method named add, would that cause any conflictions?

Hickam: Any conflicts with what?

Trew: Bolerjack: IMHO, it would still be nicer with operators. Also, unrelated, but I personally dislike functions taking arbitrary number of arguments.

Hickam: Yes, variadic functions should generally be avoided. There are times where they totally make sense, though.

Hickam: Like in this instance.

Dowtin: Anything, I dont know what I’m asking. It’s late here and I ate a sleeping pill

Hickam: Dekok: can you voice Kochel while you’re at it?

Fry: I have so many questions when I get sleepy

Hickam: It can’t talk because it’s unregistered

Ronald: What does html p****s mean

Furnas: If what we call operators would be ordinary functions, we wouldn’t have that conversation. In haskell, you can have infix functions like * or whatever and it”s “totally fine”

Bolerjack: Django_, html p****r?

Hickam: Rcyr: yep, those are operators

Hagene: Bolerjack: like this: https://www.npmjs.com/package/p****5

Bolerjack: Django_, what is your question?

Storrs: Bolerjack: im trying to get information from an html do***ent

Hancher: Hickam: Same thing to me. The only difference is that the language calls them “operators” instead of functions and for that reason, we treat them differently.

Straight: Rcyr: it’s not about “calls them” – it’s that they’re actually different

Straight: Rcyr: in a lang that treats operators as functions, or vice versa, then that would be the same :-

Boivin: That choice sounds totally arbitrary to me.

Guenin: Bolerjack: suppose I have a do***ent like this: http://jsfiddle.net/4ycgun8c/ I wanna get everything in .parent1

Bolerjack: Django_, have you tried cheerio?

Matherson: Bolerjack: don’t know what that is

Kochel: Hickam: error timeout, took over 4000ms

Kochel: Dekok: error timeout, took over 4000ms

Bolerjack: Django_, https://github.com/cheeriojs/cheerio

Nailer: Well, now it talks but it still doesn’t work 😀

Hickam: Hurray, though, timeout error?

Demetree: Bolerjack: in nodejs can I write a script that goes to a website and download the html from it?

Straight: Rcyr: it totally is arbitrary. but it’s still not nonexistent.

Crooks: Django_: You can do pretty much everything with node

Straight: Rcyr: every choice is abitrary when creating a language :-p

Clancey: What should I be looking for? download html form url node