Trucchi: the idea is to,.

Mousel: Xnil: as in a javascript compiler?

Olano: Dadada: it’s cool that the type system is structural rather than nominal, but they made a very weak type system, and it’s intentionally unsound.

Phonharath: I would just like to know if gulp-livescript works and isn’t terrible

Dingson: I would be using purescript if it didn’t need an extra compiler

Okoniewski: Dadada: I can’t use it because it lacks support for the most basic things in types, like higher-kinded polymorphism. And I dislike subtyping as well.

Deloria: Flow is a better type system overall, but it needs more time to mature. And it also likes HKT

Trucchi: Boogymanx: line 18 is ruining the array by turning it into a monstrosity of a string

Manno: It is my understanding that, also, purescript can’t do some things well?

Trucchi: Xnil: if it were terrible, it should be trivial to just write a gulp task that uses lsc to compile directly

Mammoccio: Xnil: CoffeeScript and LiveScript also need an extra compiler eh

Jalonen: Thanks Trucchi. I should turn that into $regios.append ?

Trucchi: Boogymanx: what exactly do you want to be doing? adding an element to the array?

Sciara: Dekok: for coffeescript there exists coffeeify

Bownds: Well, it’s so a user can filter search results with checkboxes

Cominotti: Alf0nn: I’m not really sure what you’re trying to do here. What is this array of keys? Why are you rejecting promises based on that? Also, if you want to deal with multiple requests concurrently, it’s better to use a task queue or something.

Trucchi: Xnil: personally even when I use gulp, I find little need for a lot of those plugins – all they do is add more dependencies that may get out of sync later. The only benefits are when they do extra fancy watching ala babelify or watchify

Kerk: If a checkbox gets checked the label gets added to an array that gets POSTed with an ajax request

Gasperi: Purescript seems more like a haskell type language, which is quite different from the javascript mindset.

Hoehn: Alf0nn: oh, do you want to have exclusively 1 request for any particular thing at any given time?

Sowders: How do you find p**** errors? the console is reporting it at the end?

Linsenmayer: Submain: it’s basically strict Haskell with row polymoprhism, extensible records, and effect types

Robley: Dekok: nice, though couldn’t you just use haskell with ghc-js?

Oviatt: Alf0nn: do you care about controlling how many concurrent requests there are in general?

Jayroe: Submain: sure. But Haskell and PureScript are very different languages.

Pietras: PS was designed to be compiled to JS, so it’s very close semantically, and has things like row polymorphic extensible records to capture semantics that are similar to JS’s objects

Hanlon: Submain: i would rather use psc

Trucchi: Dekok: does it have a prelude-esc standard lib? ;-

Fulwider: I may just use livescript. looks p sexy.

Simison: To be honest, I always felt that haskell records were a little ugly. If purescripts implements that somewhat cleaner, it gets my support.

Williams: Alf0nn: okay. Your approach seems fine then well, promises can’t really be cancelled, which might be a problem. Maybe use a Map for keeping track of pending requests, rather than an array, so you can look pending requests in O1

Trucchi: Actually, much as I like prelude-ls overall, it bugs me that the list methods don’t work on all iterables out of the box I know, I know, I’m obsessed

Bankowski: Submain: they’re making Haskell’s records more usable in 8.x, but I still prefer extensible ones.

Ferreyra: Trucchi: they’re moving most stuff outside of the prelude, into specific libraries.

Guan: Pardon the ignorance and lazyness to google, but what exactly are extensible records?

Trucchi: Dekok: wait, are we talking about haskell, ps, or ls? haha

Serve: Trucchi: the idea is to, eventually, make PSC have many backends. So keeping the core minimal helps