Sure but it doesn’t.

Blong: I have an image inside of a div.and when someone drags the image its different from dragging the div. How can I make it so that when someone is dragging the image to automatically see it as dragging the div.

Pirre: Myerscough: Hey what’s up!

Cremona: I noticed some listeners specifically the label on trigger name has a colon symbol. Not sure if that’s important. Is it only used to make organized? this.listenTosome, ‘some:event’

Ruffolo: It could be used for hinting

Louge: How do you disable dragging an image?

Demeglio: DragonPunch: draggable=”false”

Nelsen: I’m a little confuses with MarionetteJS. Is it a framework that also comes with BackboneJS? So rather than just using BackboneJS, one can use MarionetteJS since it’s used for views

Pluviose: Hey all, trying to use urlencode but getting You may need an appropriate loader to handle this file type. with a bunch of character defs it seems

Cowles: Any suggestions on how to use urlencode or how to decode a url with crap like %20

Goyette: Kossack, use decodeURIComponent and it’s dual

Mate: Kossack: string ‘hello world’

Lonzo: Goyette brilliant, thanks so much!

Irestone: How do you style a draggable element in javacsript?

Lefurgy: Like the element when it’s being dragged?

Ricklefs: DragonPunch very carefully.

Pardi: No that guy stole my name

Goyette: DragonPunch, add a cl*** in an event like dragover, dragleave, etc

Bingley: Http://

Goyette: DragonPunch, post a demo, not sure what that is supposed to do

Hansome: Ev.dataTransfer.setDragImageimg, 0, 0;

Upwall: But thats for setting a drag image

Sindorf: I want to change the html to it

Dunkerley: Anyone how I might get js to render within a bootstrap popover? example:

Nitti: Is there anything wrong with this code? PHPStorm complains about “Possible iteration over unexpected members, possibly missing hasOwnProperty”

Bristo: The error in my IDE is on the for loop

Goyette: Djam90, yeah, that must be it

Bagley: Goyette, how would I fix it?

Goyette: Djam90, adding the hasOwnProperty check

Carson: Is there js testing library like capybara from ruby/rails world?

Hagy: Goyette so like. forvar i in Object.keysexteriorImagesThumbnailsVisible ?

Carson: I think karma is close but it feels like mocha in a browser. Not necessarily doing any browser driving/testing

Goyette: Carson, like that****chjs/nigh****ch

Goyette: Djam90, Object.keysexteriorImagesThumbnailsVisible.forEachfunctionk {var thumb = exteriorImagesThumbnailsVisiblek}

Goyette: That variable name is too long

Schmid: Hi. When I zoom in on a page with a mouse, texts are re-rendered to match zoom. Is this functionality exposed to javascript?

Carson: Goyette: I’m looking for something more concise. Like this

Carson: The test simple issues a GET request to an api endpoint and ***erts something about the state of the browser

Carson: Or rather the api response

Carson: It’s a ‘functional test’

Goyette: Carson, dunno, I’d just look in npm and see what you can find

Carson: This looks interesting

Stalzer: How to bind this to an object literal?

Lann: An object literal is not a function?

Malachowski: Object literal is an object

Lievens: This exists within functions – or global scope.

Sorkin: Sure but it doesn’t propagate into other objects that are not part of the prototype