So just put the number you.

Gentleman: Persina: whatever you’re using on the serverside, if it’s not totally broken, will automatically interpret it as an array of the values.

Gentleman: So you literally don’t have to do a thing to make this work. zero JS.

Gentleman: Also, even though arrays are objects in JS, it’s super confusing to call arrays objects, because they’re not objects, conceptually

Kotzen: If there a string.indexOf that is case insensitive?

Spraker: Gentleman: For some reason it’s veiwing them as separate values and overwritting, and i’m only recieving the last checked checkbox.

Schlichting: Object.createArray.prototype

Gentleman: Zap0: no, use regex for that.

Gentleman: Persina: ah! add “” on the end of the name.

Elvis: Or lowercase the string first.

Gentleman: Persina: ie, instead of name=”foo”, do name=”foo”

Weyant: Gentleman: I have that already

Gentleman: Persina: and it will Just Work. i ***ume you’re using php, or ruby on rails

Gentleman: Ah. what server tech are you using?

Vala: Gentleman: I’m using django

Gentleman: Ok then you should figure out how to fix django, because doing that is utterly broken.

Gentleman: With multiple values that end in “”, everything should make an array

Quelch: How do i round to the nearest tenth?

Pitta: Gentleman: that’s what I thought too.

Gentleman: With multiple values that don’t end in “”, php and rails will keep the last thing, and everything else usually makes an array.

Gentleman: Persina: so in all honesty i’d ask the django people how to fix it

Hartz: I didn’t know django do that

Syer: Gentleman: k, off to #django

Gentleman: Persina: you can work around it in JS but you definitely shouldn’t have to :-

Rabine: Gentleman: Yea, i know I can but thats messy.

Kotzen: If i have var a = “a string”; and i’m finished with a. so it can get garbage collected/recycled. what do i do with a ?

Kalkman: Leptone: multiply by 10, round, divide by 10

Brockhouse: So Kalkman this: Math.round10.111*10/10 should output 10.1?

Gentleman: Zap0: never use any globals tho, because globals never get garbage collected

Schwertfeger: Pikul zap0 delete is an expensive function. just let the js internal garbage cpollection handle it

Gentleman: Zap0: but JS is a memory-managed language. do not ever ever ever worry about memory.

Gentleman: Zap0: just make variables when you need to and stop using them when you’re done.

Picon: Leptone:10.111*10/10.toFixed1

Kalkman: Leptone: nope you have your operations mixed up

Kalkman: You’re rounding at the end, but I said to round second, THEN divide by 10

Kalkman: Math.round10.111*10/10

Kalkman: ToFixed won’t round anything

Elvis: Ugh. my work is 3 weeks late on payroll. i feel like i should just go home at this point.

Kalkman: Late with a paycheck definitely points to solvency issues

Hartfield: I’m struggling with this. Note: I don’t want an answer. I just want to understand what to do –

Elvis: Yeah. resume is already fixed and i’ve already been applying for jobs, since I’m not really happy with the direction we’ve been taking. but i should probably get more serious about it.

Jacobos: Graphettion that shouldnt work

Dryden: Guessx: Right, my code doesn’t work. I’m not sure what to do to achieve the repeated string.

Notestine: Well, you’ll need to do your function recursive

Mate: Torkable: TypeError: Array5.fill is not a function

Eady: Torkable: okay ‘n’, ‘n’, ‘n’, ‘n’, ‘n’

Daulerio: So just put the number you want in the array