Xec: But I have different.

Mathes: Sec i gave wrong address xD

Mathes: Correct one http://jsfiddle.net/2omfq5xj/381/

Panuccio: Arvanitis https://jsfiddle.net/tsuqL69j/

Arvanitis: Mathes: why not make a small testcase with ONLY the stuff you are asking about?

Decarlo: Veek, Contain floats: http://web.archive.org/web/20150317133516/http://colinaarts.com/articles/float-containment/ :: http://www.quirksmode.org/css/clearing.html

Arvanitis: Veek: the table is floated, you are not containing it inside the parent article

Mathes: Arvanitis: sure sorry

Mathes: I will do that right away

Arvanitis: Mathes: http://codepen.io/Arvanitis/pen/JYwjRE

Sheaks: Oo thanks Arvanitis :

Kindermann: Arvanitis, hey so any tips for improving on that design. any ways to jazz it up. i kind of **** at that all the stuff is there and it’s neat and tidy but. it’s boring

Mathes: Arvanitis: does it make sense? https://jsfiddle.net/1qgqz4mv/15/

Mathes: It is not totally centered is it because of padding?

Quillman: Does flex-grow not work properly with flex-direction: column?

Legare: I can get flex: to increase space on row but not column

Mathes: Flex doesnt work in i.e. right

Trulock: Http://bestbloggertemplates.net/2012/07/three-column-magazine-blogger-template-2.html

Bentzinger: Why does flex: not work with http://codepen.io/pcfreak30/pen/gaZOjQ to increase the space?

Matthai: Hm. Firefox view source is now in a tab.

Gotschall: Is each new version of Firefox a “Let’s be more like Chrome” release?

Kaszuba: Why does flex:2 not work with http://codepen.io/pcfreak30/pen/gaZOjQ to increase the space?

Mayeaux: Can i make background flush with the top and sides

Lieser: Pcfreak30, flex: 2; where? All I see is flex: 10; and flex: 5.

Distaffen: Given the current styles set on all items and in the CSS section, it’s behaving as it should. The last item will be the size of two of the other items.

Back: AMcBain: look again sorry

Mcdargh: Hi guys. I’m in trouble

Samad: Can anyone tell me why no picture is shown here?: https://jsfiddle.net/9xbfmbv9/6/

Morataya: JosefDe: i see an image

Morataya: JosefDe: that question should be applied to you since i don’t have that problem

Silao: I’m using Chrome, Safari and Firefox, and in none of them I see a picture

Morataya: JosefDe: can you see it at all? http://wallpapers-3d.ru/sstorage/53/2011/05/image_531605111215577713584.jpg

Dalenberg: I don’t see it in the jsfiddle example

Oun: Ah wait. Ok. I fixed it

Yearwood: You see this?: https://jsfiddle.net/9xbfmbv9/15/

Hannaway: What I want is: I don’t want the content to jump, as soon as the slider is rendered

Dicaro: Currently the content jumps from top to bottom, after the image is rendered

Geffre: JosefDe: a hidden element won’t take up space, if you want to do that you can use visibility: hidden; instead https://jsfiddle.net/9xbfmbv9/16/

Homan: Xec: I’m only hiding it for presentation purpose

Shulenberger: Xec: On my real page, the picture is rendered after the content

Burgbacher: Xec: And the problem with this is then: My content is first at top, as soon as picture is shown it jumps under the picture. I’m trying to find out how to fix this

Geffre: JosefDe: then you can put a height on it

Wonders: Xec: But I’m trying to make my image responsive and not using any height.

Naud: Xec: How shall I set a height on it?

Geffre: Img height=”whatever”?

Biggers: But yes, I think your suggestion is the right solution

Lisowe: Xec: But I have different widths in the picture for the image, and thus different heights. So I have to calculated the height, but how?