Pewpau: ’cause they’re.

Veneman: Http://

Blemel: Damn that would be kinda cool

Averitt: Does it kind of make sense that its a countdown like in a race?

Veneman: You could go nuts with an actual time-piece of some kind

Cantrel: Veneman: — This works perfect in chrome but in IE, there comes tinge of yellow on the origianl url and newly opened up browser at url part!

Veneman: Javahorn: do you mean on the tab/

Prezioso: Veneman: once i click

Veneman: Javahorn: do you mean that the IE tab is tinted yellow once the new tab opens?

Kinzle: Yes on the new tab and tabbrowser from which it was clicked in IE only

Saccardi: Veneman: yes, and sometime green

Veneman: For ****’s sake, that’s what IE does when it opens a new tab.

Carnes: So it is not my fault?

Veneman: There’s nothing you can do about it, at least.

Cillis: Veneman: i am trying CSS for past 2 hours or so, why style=”value1;value2″ works, but i see

Ableman: Style=”value1;” style=”value2;” does not !

Veneman: Because that’s the way it works

Delorbe: Javahorn, Resources to help you get started:

Argro: I need a framework / lib for websites by which I can make a website that loads in a webview of an android app but still being a webpage looks like a native mobile app or even better. Are there any prebuild things that has menus, buttons, layouts etc that fits mobile screens and tabs?

Mckissick: Voyage:

Mattan: Anyone worked on Temenos kind of css here?

Saisa: Javahorn, Don’t ask if anyone can help with X or if anyone has used Y before. Just because someone has used X doesn’t necessarily mean they can help you, and just because someone hasn’t used X doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t help you. Just get to the point, please.

Veneman: Voyage: at least give the good people in ##javascript more than 60 seconds to respond.

Lengacher: Veneman, 60 seconds p***ed 60 seconds ago

Veneman: Voyage: fine. don’t crosspost. unambiguous.

Swanick: Thanks everyone, Thanks preaction

Fahrendorff: Reisio: if _blank is obsolete what is new to open in new browser?

Colasurdo: Didnt target blank come back in html5 ?

Veneman: Probably, but who cares

Graeber: Veneman, i dont get answers, I switch channels. fair

Veneman: Javahorn: as we said hours ago, javascript. don’t call people out after hours of not talking to them. ask the entire channel

Trizarry: Oh! Veneman , new to this room.

Veneman: Voyage: after about 10 minutes, yes, that’s fair

Veneman: Javahorn: this is general discussion etiquette

Ellerbe: Veneman, who sets the time?

Belvins: Veneman, oh. I own nist.

Chattin: If you guys have front end related questions and dont know whether its css or js or related, you can always ask in ##frontend

Vangorder: Veneman, just forgot it on too many companies I have

Chinn: Veneman, so I changed the time to 60 secs

Veneman: Huh. it seems you have a regular problem with crossposting, and are told every time not to

Fricke: Javahorn: oh, I didn’t say it was obsolete, someone else said something about it, though

Scancarello: Saves time to be nonspecific

Veneman: Right, and it also avoids pinging the person. i just wanted javahorn to remember

Rynerson: Can someone tell me how I can do this with susy/css?

Lodrigue: Tagor,

Cogswell: So why are we using ul for menus now again?

Styles: Pewpau: ’cause they’re lists of non-specific order