Knod, a pared-down testcase.

Niro: Ok. I was thinking position:absolute, top: 75px for the container, but not sure if that will have an effect on people with smaller screens I.e. cellphone

Brzuchalski: It shouldn’t have an effect

Paparelli: Ahh ok, so absolute positioning woudl be the easiest method then

Brzuchalski: Well, if you use abs. pos., then whatevers underneath is going to move to the top

Preisinger: Hmm. tried it, and other than it no longer being centered, the scroll bar is still there. ffs.

Puddy: Hi all, I am learning to build a push out menu, it works fine on jsfiddle but not locally. could you have a look at the code for me and see if I am missing something? On my localhost browser I have both the menu and close text on the page, upper right, and the push out does not work.

Casagrande: Is there a way to get my text to definitely wrap at a specific place and wrap in other non-custom places if needed?

Corburn: Without line breaks of course

Zebel: This is for nav links

Radabaugh: You can give them cl***es for th eones you dont want to wrap

Nisonger: And use white-space: no-wrap

Melendes: Petralba: I do want them all to be able to wrap, I just want to manually wrap some of them to start out

Bennie: Its hard to conceptualize what the case scenarios are when you want to do it and when you dont want to do it

Geiser: Petralba: for example, I have “Course┬áReplacement & Credit Recovery” in the links

Furbeck: Id suggest providing some example or recreate it in a testcase or something

Sukhu: You can put each word / section in a span

Reineke: And then conditionally, based on media queries

Pellegrino: Adjust when what wraps

Mouldin: Petralba: If a window is large enough, I want it to wrap at the end of “Replacement” and after the “&”

Fielden: Petralba: If the window is too small for that, though, I want it to wrap where it needs to up until each word is on its own line

Komlos: Petralba: for example, if someone makes their window less wide

Humeniuk: Petralba: So, if the window is wide enough, it would be on three lines, but if the window is too small, it would be on 5 lines, and if it’s in between, it’d be on 4 lines.

Lebedeff: Petralba: Does that illustrate what I’m hoping to achieve?

Jinks: There are other ones that I want to wrap at the end of every word

Walund: And the suggestion i made of spans with media queries

Januszewski: Petralba: will a media query work for a pc where the user shrinks the page whenever they want?

Presby: Petralba: and how do I control what wraps when? Do I make several cl***es for the spans?

Mclear: Petralba: How do I tell certain ones to go onto the next line?

Hohm: And yes, media query will work on desktop

Absalon: Span:nth-child2 will target the 2nd span in the common parent container

Soltow: Petralba: What I mean is, will media query allow me to have the flexibility I described when the page shrinks and grows? Will it be able to adjust? And how do I make sure it can?

Cardinal: A href=””spanone/spanspantwo/spanspanthree/span/a

Ottoson: Thats the point of media queries

Cashman: Petralba: Ok. I’m not quite understanding what to do so I’m not sure I’m getting my intention across. I may try to make an image showing what I want.

Senteno: I get what youre trying to do.

Siverling: But you can set up a test case and play around with it

Olivieri: And we can provide some additional guidance

Einck: Petralba: Ok, I’ll try the image first since I’m not sure how to set up a test case that will automatically work for everyone

Maldenado: Knod, a pared-down testcase is a page that isolates the problem with the minimum required markup, styling and scripting. See paste for services that easily let you create such testcases for others to see.