I am play with a div with.

Twisselman: Brzuchalski, Contain floats: http://web.archive.org/web/20150317133516/http://colinaarts.com/articles/float-containment/ :: http://www.quirksmode.org/css/clearing.html

Reola: Brzuchalski, I tried adding overflow: hidden; and it just chops off the bottom of the right div that extends beyond the container

Hutley: Powertip: not work for me see: http://postimg.org/image/njt882xl3/ the text out of the box any advice how to fix?

Dudzik: Getting rid of the height: 100%; did the trick

Muray: So frustrating lol, works in the sandbox but not on the test server

Brzuchalski: Maybe, we don’t know what you need help with though

Thielen: Http://biesandczad.kodziarze.tk/ – this is template which i try making. The problem is gradient which on high resolutiion screen look ugly its split in middle of page

Chubicks: The page is in progress so don’t be scare

Brzuchalski: SzateX: you need height: 100% on html

Reither: Brzuchalski: oh : it works. The solution is so simple and i don’t know it 😀

Brzuchalski: Its not that obvious if you aren’t looking for it :

Nodurft: Hi there. I’m trying to split the text in a div into 2 parts, where the first part adds an ellipsis to the end if we overflow. How is this usually accomplished? Here is what I’ve tried, and it doesn’t seem to work. http://pastebin.com/y9NP6cvQ

Rowzee: I can see how to do it with fixed pixels, but would rather a percentage to be more responsive :

Marrett: Nosocks: what are those percentages supposed to be relative to? the viewport?

Marrett: Nosocks: also, would be nice to have something we could actually poke at in an inspector. http://webdevout.net/test

Gushwa: Nemo: Relative to the container they are in, I suppose. They are list elements

Heinrichs: I will try to bring up a small example to poke at, thanks

Marrett: Https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/percentage

Marrett: But, once there’s an example it’ll be clearer what your goal is. maybe flexbox is what you need, or viewport units

Baack: Did i go overboard here with the page transitions? http://www.degroenedroom.be

Marrett: Thomaxo_: I’d say get rid of the transition on the menu bar in its entirety

Marrett: Thomaxo_: also IMO the fade in of the menu bar button is fine, but the fade out, not so much.

Marrett: A short like 0.5s fade on hover is nice, but feels more responsive if it immediately clicks away

Marrett: That way there’s also not 2 fades happening at once

Marrett: The other bothersome thing about the transition when hovering over the menu bar is that it implies some sort of interaction, but most of the bar doesn’t do anything

Muska: Do you can help me with the footer slideshow please? when i click on prev slide the image back bad :

Grubb: Http://biesandczad.kodziarze.tk/ Why “Punkty” on hover goes up, and the block #mainnav-submenu are not sticky to #top?

Roske: I only see one at top

Adels: The images are always the same

Gosserand: Something is wrong in your php probably

Friedhaber: No problem with the image

Trepagnier: The problem is with the transition

Veneri: Apparently, transitions are not applied to display: none; and display: block?

Diaz: You’d think it would gradually appear/disappear.

Jaurez: I was give a fixed height

Parmar: I solved it by using opacity instead.

Arrey: Hoping it’s supported everywhere.

Hoschouer: I’m unable to scroll on mobile chrome inside an iframe with 100% height. However when I set pixel values to iframe’s height the scroll starts working. What am I missing here?

Cadotte: The hell? http://caniuse.com/#feat=css-opacity

Muthart: I am play with a div with font-size: font-size:5px; but not change the size, i too play: font-size:45px; and show same font size in both cases, any advice?