I am new to angularJs and.

Krulish: Well, we also havent covered pseudo-elements in cl*** yet.

Bossert: Sunyata208X: a pseudo-cl*** is a state an element can be in, such as :hover or :checked, which is controlled by the browser

Cader: In CSS2, :before and:after was standard. but now, ::before and ::after should be used.

Bossert: CSS is able to generate some content, creating what are effectively elements even though they don’t exist in the DOM / HTML

Bossert: Those are pseudo-elements

Hamer: Sunyata208x: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/Pseudo-cl***es https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/Pseudo-elements https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/%3A%3Aafter

Dilillo: Awesome, thank you… i’m just trying to absorb this new info…

Dowers: How do I get this to animate without using a fixed height? http://jsfiddle.net/y7vh4d4x/

Tanikella: If I set height to 100% or inherit, it won’t animate

Hamer: Um, it works for me Droopy? What’s the issue?

Arvanitis: Droopy: animate max-height instead

Ianacone: Arvanitis: I figured I would write a javascript function that grabs the height of all li tags contained in the sub ul, then set height to that

Liberty: Ok, i think i get what that syntax is actually doing now… so when you hover over an image, the ::after actually inserts a background with an opacity set to 50% over the entire webpage, but since the z-index is lower than the .thing being hovered over, it gets inserted behind it… pretty cool

Hreha: Svetlana, Preferred live pastebins: http://jsfiddle.net/http://codepen.io/http://paste.asmcbain.net/

Hamer: YES FINALLY! The dim background works

Blackmoore: I don’t remember, there used to be another pastebin styled simlarly to the 3rd one but I did not save its URL

Bonkowski: How do I style just this element? label for=”id_all_day”All day:/label

Hamer: In css you can do label {}

Hamer: If that’s what you mean.

Arvanitis: Drej: submitted email takes me to Mailchimp telling me there were errors in the form – name is marked as required

Arvanitis: Hailhydra: for=”id_all_day” {…}

Kurth: Arvanitis, I’ll try that

Lauretta: Love Django, hate the html it produces for forms. Not having an id on labels is so annoying

Edelblute: Arvanitis, that worked. Thanks. I had no idea for=”” could be a selector haha. I guess it’s just another node on the DOM so that makes sense

Arvanitis: Hailhydra: they should have cl***es, not IDs :

Arvanitis: Hailhydra: yeah, known as an ‘attribute selector’

Eliott: Arvanitis, django makes id’s for all the input elements of a form. But labels only get the for=”” attr. When It comes to forms I’m not against ID’s over cl***es. But that’s a case by case scenario

Hamer: CSS is by far the greatest thing man has invented so far.

Hamer: Other than the George Foreman Grill

Schlaefer: The foreman grill is turrrrible

Loredo: That is a pretty bold statement

Fergerson: In terms of CSS I would say SCSS is 😛

Heatherington: Hi is there a way to apply a cl*** from within a css selector? something like this: inputtype=radio:checked { // now i want this element to have the cl*** active }

Chiffriller: Thenutman, if you want to share styles, that is have it have the same styles as it would for active when it’s checked, you should look in to preprocessors that can do mixins or even simpler, just write them both in to the same selector.

Gossom: I wonder how IE developers feel about the fact that everything written about webdesign has to have a special caveat for IE8 and before… like its got a mental disability or something…

Hardeman: I am new to angularJs and web app devlopment. Just trying to understand floating buttons of angular and its properties http://nobitagit.github.io/ng-material-floating-button/. This is the small plunkr1 http://plnkr.co/edit/4eFxqSg21U5ZR5H59rdK?p=preview for the same. I am trying to to modify the plunkr to achieve the mentioned.